Want to plant succulents into a picture frame? Bao from Juicykits.com shows you how easy it is to make a Living Picture Frame with succulents in about 10 minutes using our awesome DIY kit. Just 4 easy steps to making a succulent picture frame. If you don’t have our DIY kit, we’ll also show you how to do it with your own materials – it just takes a little longer.


For a limited time, you can buy the DIY kit from Juicykits.com, which includes plenty of succulent cuttings and everything else you need. Juicykits.com also has lots of other beautiful DIY terrarium kits to help you make terrariums and succulent bonsai trees too. Oh and tons of helpful articles like “How to Take Care of Your Succulent Terrarium” and “How to Water a Terrarium.”

Visit our terrarium store at www.juicykits.com and please subscribe to our channel!

Thanks to Taylor Shechet for the background music. Hear more of his work at www.taylorshechet.com
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How To Make A Living Picture Frame With Succulents

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