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How to make a Kratky herb garden. In this video I show how to make and set a non-circulating hydroponics (Kratky method) herb garden. I use a small 4.5 gallon Hefty ‘hi-rise’ tote from Lowes, AeroGarden baskets and Parkseed biodome sponges. For a written materials list and assembly instructions please go to my website: For more information about how the Kratky method works, please check out these channels: BA Kratky: Khang Starr: Matt Garver: The herbs that I grow in this video are Catnip, Cinnamon Basil, Italian Basil, White Sage, Regular Sage, Lemon Balm, Mugwort, and Rosemary. For the nutrient solution I used a three part mix of 4-18-38 Master Blend at 1.6 g/gal, Magnesium Sulfate at .8 g/gal/Epsom Salt and Calcium Nitrate at 1.6 g/gal. More information on how to use and where to source those nutrients here: Some of the materials can be found here: (affiliate links) AeroGarden baskets: Park Seed Biodome sponges: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHomemade Hydroponic system – Herb Garden 5-6 weeksHomemade Hydroponic system -herb garden 3-4 weeks oldHydroponic indoor herb garden UPDATE WK 5Aerogarden Hydroponic system -herb Garden 22 daysHydroponic Garden Timelapse – Aerogarden Harvest 6 Pod – Gourmet Herb Seed KitHydroponic Carrot – Will it Kratky?

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  • Trent Nol 6 months ago

    incredible growth rate!

  • Gate Tres 6 months ago

    Hi, are those Alu-wrapping for the purpose of reflecting heat to prevent fertilizer from being warmed up ?

  • Daniel Tweit 6 months ago

    damn that looks good your doing great look up 3dponics whem you get a chance

  • Nice vid.

  • Eron Robinson 6 months ago

    great set look quite easy enough build, where did you get those cone shape pot? and can the kroty setup be grown outside

  • Susan Garza 6 months ago

    Very cool! The roots really took off in this system. Thanks for the share =)

  • BRGA net 6 months ago

    how much the ppm of rosemary and catnip
    thank you

  • Peter Stanley 6 months ago

    This is very easy to make, and is built similarly to my Kratky lettuce setup.