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Hello & Welcome to another Informative & helpful Video from KidiKingdom Childcare Centre. We are going to learn How To make a Kids Vegetable Garden. A home made vegetable garden designed for kids, provides healthy snacks while kids are on the go, as well as provide opportunities to learn the importance of where food comes from, and how it grows. Locate the kids vegetable garden where they can reach it. The ideal position for the kids’ vegetable garden is in their play area. Your kids will be able to conveniently work on their garden, make observations about what’s growing well, and what needs some help and as importantly, take care of watering and weeding, as an extension of their play activities. Vegetable gardens designed for kids, teaches ownership and responsibility. Give the kids ownership and responsibility for their vegetable garden. Allow the child to select which vegetables are grown, encourage them to select varieties that can be picked frequently, and choose varieties that do Not have poisonous leaves. The kids vegetable garden should comprise varieties that provide easy and safe picking and grow all year round. Options include lettuces, silver-beet, snow peas, beans, and carrots to name a few. Ask your local garden centre for other options too. Gardening activities for kids At Kidi Kingdom we use our vegetable garden to extend children’s learning’s and understanding about science and nature…. Including, Planning… selecting varieties, working out best planting position, deciding on numbers of plants to be planted, drawing up garden plans and labelling diagrams. Weeding…. identifying and removing weeds, thinning out plants Pest Management… spotting bugs and slugs, identifying invader versus predator insects, picking invader insects off plants, spraying with organicsprayswhen necessary, catching caterpillars for their bug collectors. following a watering schedule, checking when plants need extra water in hot […]

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