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Learn how to upcycle an old wading pool into a raised garden that is the perfect size for kids. Jay Z & KiD CuDi Already Home (Live From Madison Square Garden) [HD 1080i] Related PostsWater Park in the Garden Outdoor Amusement Playground for Kids Pool Toys Family FunBall Pool and Ball Slides for Kids * Play Garden TVFun at the Swimming Pool | Video for Kids Playing in Water with Giant Valentines Day FloatyPetty Pool Vocational College: An Introduction to the Horticulture CourseSonco Pools and Spas | Cedar Pavilion, Kona brown roof with Fiberglass PoolJustin Bieber – Never Say Never (Madison Square Garden) ft. Jaden Smith

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  • Granny Grunt 1 year ago

    Such a good idea to get the "next generation" hooked on gardening. Be careful though, they will want a bigger pool to plant soon.

  • Biff Stevenson 1 year ago

    I wish they did more songs together

  • getback4444 1 year ago

    HOV…I got my own lane already

  • Cale Fitzgerald 1 year ago

    Such a boring song…

  • George Mbao 1 year ago

    One of the best concerts I have ever seen

  • Deborah “DeeDee” Norris 1 year ago

    What The Fuck, Are They Lauryn? Jay Z & Kid Cudi- Already Home (Live From Madison Square Garden) HD 1080i★

  • WilliamEdword 1 year ago

    I dislike this vid because Cudi dumbass f'xd up the F2F rhyme "we not in the same league don't shoot at the same baskets.." That was awkward and I noticed vocals on the speakers came in louder after that fxp up…

  • kss914 1 year ago

    I wish cudi actually had a verse in this some, in addition to the hook

  • Rollo Moore 1 year ago

    Hot Joint,
    True story for all of the young people!!

    I lived an Watch it!!

  • brandon meehan 1 year ago

    why isn't there an album quality version on youtube???

  • Succor Seventeen 1 year ago

    What a bad crowd. Didn't even get into it at all. 

  • mplsridah 1 year ago

    Jay snapped on critics lmao!

  • Joe Blacks 1 year ago

    Best jay z song he ever created

  • Patrick Stinard 1 year ago

    better than the studio version!

  • Jensen Augustin 1 year ago

    There are no music videos to this song on youtube!!!

  • Fabian Burnett 1 year ago

    Yeah I really like the piece from Cudi

  • Zaayn Beamon 1 year ago

    im digging this #hotstuff