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FB: IG: Caitlinobigelow Want to make your own succulent planter? Watch this quick and easy tutorial that will help you make your own gorgeous succulent planter + key tips and tricks. EXTRA TIPS: –Water your succulent (usually) once a week in the summer and even less in the winter. Make sure the soil dries completely between waters. The largest killer of succulents is over watering. If the leaves are bloated or start to mold you’re overwatering. –Use cactus or well draining soil. –Ceramic and terra cotta pots work best for succulents. Make sure the pot has a way to drain water at the bottom. –Succulents like sunlight! If your succulents are kept in dark rooms they’ll grow upward to search for light and end up looking “leggy” if this happens pull off the lower leaves and chop the floret at the top off. Sounds crazy but it will re-sprout a new plant! Keep the leaves on a cool dry windowsill until they root. It’s AMAZING! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Succulent PlanterHow to care for succulents & make a succulent wall planterMake a Cool Succulent Wall Planter – DIY Home – GuidecentralMake A Miniature Succulent Wall Planter ✽ || West Coast GardensDIY Succulent Chair PlanterDIY Faux Succulent Wall Planter

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  • Joey Chen 1 year ago


  • Ben Bigelow 1 year ago

    I've definitely been overwatering my succulents….whoops.

  • Catherine Harmer 1 year ago

    Hi Caitlin, so nice to see your video! I love succulents and the video! Can't wait to see all of them! Cathy Harmer

  • Karissa Bo Bissa 1 year ago

    What a great video! How close can the plants be? Do I need to leave space in between them?

  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy 1 year ago

    Thanks for the great advice. I have been eager to get into succulents, but wasn't sure how to starts.