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So this is my first ever video upload. People probably think being a performer as a child your naturally confident in front of a camera (not the case for me!). The videos I’m going to start doing are to help build my confidence more and hopefully inspire others to do the same! I am absolutely terrified to upload this but here it goes! If anyone’s interested in knowing more about the products please have a look at my website Related PostsHow to make a Juice Plus shake ? Why Juice Plus ?juice plus – how to make a shakejuice plus – how to make a shakeJuice plus complete chocolate shake on the go!My Juice Plus Tower Garden 2017Juice Plus Results – Diet Plan Reviews Shakes and weight loss

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  • tonia castro 6 months ago

    I came here for the title ur vid was very helpful but think u overindulge in the tanning bed. Or spray tanning Idk why people want to be a color they r not. Love your true color Blond people are not ment to be that color sorry.

  • linda mc cartney 6 months ago

    Where do u get the scoop from?

  • Margaret Wilson 6 months ago

    Hi I hav no scoop with my juice plus can you tell me another solution to use ta

  • RayRay 1463 6 months ago

    can they be made without a blender?

  • Dayana Gonzalez 6 months ago

    what's the blender name??