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This hydroponic seed starting system is a very affordable, easy to make, alternative to the air stone (DWC – Deep Water Culture) type AeroGardens. I made this using a 5 gallon Commander XXL tote from Lowes, some 1-inch net cups, air pump, air stones, and a grow light. It was very quick and easy to put together and can be reused for many other projects. I set this up for 18 grow sites, but I could have gotten more if I wanted. I make commissions off purchases made through the following links. This is at no extra cost to you and helps support my YouTube channel. Parts showed (or equivalent) in the video: Commander XL 5 gallon tote – Air pump – Air stones – Sansi 30 watt grow light – Dyna-Gro 7-9-5 – Air tubing – 1-inch net cups – AeroGarden sponges – or Rapid Rooter (cut these in quarters the long way) – 1-inch bit – 1-inch PVC pipe – get at Lowes 1-inch PVC tee – get at Lowes Video Rating: / 5 We did our final weigh in on our lettuce. Here we show both under LED lighting and without LED lighting. We are very happy with the results! The lights that we did this trial with were from LED SOLUTIONS. They don’t have a website up as of yet, but you can contact them Directly through email or phone which I will leave here at the bottom of the description. The lights through LED SOLUTIONS covered a larger area per light (10′ x 10′) than the others through AMAZON which covered approx.( 3′ x 3′), Here is the contact information: LED SOLUTIONS DAVE MURDOCH (cell) 705-358-9925 (email) links to AMAZON lights as follows: […]

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  • Jim Krajick 11 months ago

    Had a question about this method Peter. What about temperature control when doing this? Don’t you still want to be @ a higher temp?

  • AJ Goble 11 months ago

    Hi Peter, can you please tell me your timer schedule for air pump and light operation? Thanks.

  • Eric Balcon 11 months ago

    Hi Peter , once the shoots are growing, do you modify the % of 7-9-5 ? or do you mix something else in the water ?

  • lackumzs 11 months ago

    Awesome Peter!

  • Jim Kingman 11 months ago

    Love this system Peter. I really like the tip about cutting out the bottom. I was thinking during the video it would be hard to get the plants out for transplant. Thank you for sharing this project.

  • 7 Pot Club 11 months ago

    That's a slick system, Peter! I love your DIY projects. Always well thought out as well as cost effective.

  • The Fickster 11 months ago

    Nicely done Peter

  • Dont use foil! Mylar or other similar material is much better.

  • Jesse Kramasz 11 months ago

    also, I 2nd what BD suggested. If you cut the bottoms off the cups you might not need to cut the AG sponges. Worth a try anyway.

  • Jesse Kramasz 11 months ago

    Dumping the cups had me loling. Nice tutorial.

  • Matt Garver 11 months ago

    Great tutorial, pace, and details, this DIY seems like a great way to get seeds started for spring time. Nice to see both lessons on what and what not to do. In the off-season, this would make a nice herb garden too.

  • UnsulliedSpy 11 months ago

    Thanks for the video! I'm looking forward to watching these grow and the re-planting process to another bucket. I've got a ton of different pepper seeds and I think I've gotten in over my head as far as once they start maturing, I'm curious to see how you keep them and manage space indoors.

    Are those stink bugs around 9:25 there to help with the plants or just bugs in the basement?

  • Saskatchewan Bigfoot 11 months ago

    Awesome, need that here in Saskatchewan minutes to giv e them a fair start

  • Heck yea! DIY for the win. Always though about doing this exact thing, except with container thats little bit shorter so it can be moved around easier. other wise your version would be perfect.

  • Great idea Peter
    I've got everything thing but the tote
    Lowe's tomorrow

  • Robb Z 11 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this. Good video.

  • Rob Schaller 11 months ago

    Nice setup!

  • BackTo Basics 11 months ago

    Nice DYI Project Peter!

  • Togarashi 808 11 months ago

    Awesome video, trying out dyna gro 7-9-5 this year. Hopeful it's a one stop shop.

  • Charles P 11 months ago

    Great Video Peter !

  • Xavier Breath 11 months ago

    What is the EC and Ph of your nutrient solution?

  • Rodolph Farah 11 months ago

    1.2 or exactly 120% more

  • Rodolph Farah 11 months ago

    My calculations according to your results were:
    Harvesting 40 trays per week

    5 weeks = 200 trays

    LED cost – 15 $ per week

    Yield x 1.2

    75 $ per cycle

    200 trays x 1.2 pounds = 240 pounds per cycle

    240 x 10$ = 2400$ per cycle

    2400 – 75 = 2325$ additional income

    Energy cost is 3.12%
    from the income
    How about testing double and triple light PAR?

    I believe this trial must be done next winter, don't you agree with me?

  • MD. MAHFUZ ALAM 11 months ago

    Nice job….!!!
    One questions, plz answer me…
    "" How much Litter water soluble nutrients for growing one lettuce…..???

  • Bear White 11 months ago

    results look great but what is the cost of running these lights. might grow them faster and bigger but if the cost of running the lights are to much it could make you loose money.

  • Jack Ruckus 11 months ago

    Wayne & Patti.. Have you ever investigated structured water.. It is simply water that passes through a magnetic field.. Scientific studies claim that plants will increase growth and production by 25 %. People have used it for years to alter the molecular structure of water as a replacement for a salt conditioner. Very simply done with several bovine magnets taped around your water pipe.

  • Jack Ruckus 11 months ago

    I really enjoy tyour hydroponic videos.. very professional and interesting. I would like more information on the ingredients you use for your lettuce. I have little knowledge about the dry. Don't care to pay the cost of liquids.

  • defdaz 11 months ago

    I'm supposed to be watching for the info on hydroponics but I just love you both! <3 Thanks so much for the footage.

  • vik7247 11 months ago

    can i have a whatsapp number for you guys? i love your farm and i need advice am from Guyana South America and i been doing hydroponics 4yrs now and never had my garden looking like yours. you can email me on thanks

  • Friendly sky 11 months ago

    The value of higher power LED depends on the cost per kWh but you could greatly increase your production from where you are..

  • Alex Sa 11 months ago

    Legenda for brazilian

  • jose murta 11 months ago

    What are the round lights you are using , is it a certain series.From Led Solutions .

  • Melvin Jongen 11 months ago

    Hello im from holland and iv got a question where do you get the white plates where you put the plants in the plant holders ? Whats the name for it and where do you get it

  • RV-PowerWall 11 months ago

    I have learned more about NFT in real practice than anywhere on the net. Thanks for your hard work. LED are amazing and lettuce reacts so well to blue light.
    Thumbs UP!

  • kimuseni 11 months ago

    Awesome. Greetings and have a blessed Sunday – Jesenice and the crew

  • Felix Oertel 11 months ago

    Thanks for your videos. Helps a bunch.

    You should definately try out 6500k led shoplights from the hardware store. In Germany they are just like 7 Bucks for 20W covering 120*30 (guess that is 4 by 1 foot?) and our lettuce totally loves it.

    greetings from Germany

  • Jim's In Town Gardening 11 months ago

    Great test and results. Thanks for taking the time to bring us along. Blessings.