This hydroponic seed starting system is a very affordable, easy to make, alternative to the air stone (DWC – Deep Water Culture) type AeroGardens.

I made this using a 5 gallon Commander XXL tote from Lowes, some 1-inch net cups, air pump, air stones, and a grow light. It was very quick and easy to put together and can be reused for many other projects. I set this up for 18 grow sites, but I could have gotten more if I wanted.

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Parts showed (or equivalent) in the video:

Commander XL 5 gallon tote –
Air pump –
Air stones –
Sansi 30 watt grow light –
Dyna-Gro 7-9-5 –
Air tubing –
1-inch net cups –
AeroGarden sponges –
Rapid Rooter (cut these in quarters the long way) –
1-inch bit –
1-inch PVC pipe – get at Lowes
1-inch PVC tee – get at Lowes
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We did our final weigh in on our lettuce. Here we show both under LED lighting and without LED lighting. We are very happy with the results! The lights that we did this trial with were from LED SOLUTIONS. They don’t have a website up as of yet, but you can contact them Directly through email or phone which I will leave here at the bottom of the description. The lights through LED SOLUTIONS covered a larger area per light (10′ x 10′) than the others through AMAZON which covered approx.( 3′ x 3′), Here is the contact information:
(cell) 705-358-9925

links to AMAZON lights as follows:

How to make a hydroponic seed starting system cheap and easy

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