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How to Make A Hanging disposable Bottle Garden | DIY Hanging Garden| How to Build a Hanging Bottle Garden for FREE == Subscribe here : ==More Channel Subscribe – AR Production(Tecnology help) : New RM-(World New) : Creative Crafts : Iqra Pathagar : Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Share Video: Related PostsHanging Bottle Wall Garden Part 23 Unique Ideas Plastic Bottle Recycling Garden Ideas || planting in hanging bottles on wallDIY Verticle Hanging Bottle Tower Garden (New)2016Best Method To Grow Tomato Plant in Plastic Hanging Bottle ll Vertical Gardening ll No Space GardenHanging Bottle Wall GardenBottle Garden, Planting in hanging Bottles on wall

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  • Mary Singh 7 months ago

    with the video if would have spoken it would have been effective .

  • Mary Singh 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for the video .
    We had a project about Eco friendly and with the help of your video We made this bottle garden .

  • Piel Canela 7 months ago

    It will be very nice if it could show how and from where is hanging on the very top…

  • diy pin 7 months ago

    so cute

  • Bea lara 7 months ago

    I would’ve loved to have a clearer understanding of the materials used in order to make a “grocery list” to grab the stuff at my local hardware store. The clips that showed what was used on the video was not very specific. I can’t guess what was used. It was a beautiful set of planters, I would love to use this idea at home and in my garden