How to make a garden British garden design ideas

The English-style garden can turn your backyard into a loft bed, garden paths, fences, fountains and more other facilities, making it a peaceful retreat. Watch this step-by-step step by step to learn how to make your life come alive. Tools and materials: landscape fabric-paver base-terrace block-block adhesive-8’fence board-gate hardware-landscape edge-raised bed soil-drip irrigation kit-soaker hose-hose timer-garden Fountain-Bench-Subscribe to Lowe’s YouTube: Or go to our channel: For more ideas on improving the house, please check Lowe’s library of how-tos or other social media channels: Lowe’s-Facebook-Twitter-Pinterest-Instagram-.


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  • Jacob Baldwin

    Anybody actually priced this out recently?

    There's roughly $1000 worth of bagged soil there alone.

    A $20,000 garden?

    That's cool.

  • Wysteria

    I know a lot of people don't like it, but mint actually makes a very good filler, as long as you keep it controlled, though it will die during winter, so be prepared to have a clean bed or have something else ready during that time

  • Seth Miner

    Never plant foxglove near your herbs. That’s asking for trouble. Also this isn’t an English garden

  • iseektruth64

    I'm not sure how 811 utility finder works in all places, but be aware that in some areas they only locate utilities to your property line from the street. They may not come onto your property which is where you need the information if you are building a project! I live in Kennewick, WA and the utilities companies would only mark the utilities up to my property line. My project was inside my property quite a ways as my house is at the back of a one acre lot! So 811 was basically useless for me! They told me that I would have to hire a private company to come and locate within my property line!! I was on a tight budget and couldn't afford the private company fees so I ended up just winging it and just digging VERY, VERY carefully!

  • Brynn Kohler

    English gardens also focus on pastel/softer flower hues. Reds and oranges and strong pinks aren't common.

  • Rofl Stomps

    Great ideas. But, give me a moment while I transfer my kids college funds into the amount of money I would need to spend to fill those beds with Miracle Grow raised beds soil at $9 a bag. I am pretty sure the raised bed soil cost more than the blocks and paver base.

  • Augh Bable

    It's more like neo-classical inspired garden for me… Or European…. probably the only linking that resembles English are the lavish and flowery types of plants used in the garden. In a glace, I also can see it resembling Italian garden? as it emulates Renaissance yard… with the fountain.

  • Roseline Russell

    Is this a race garden? Like only for white English people? No Blacks, no Irish, no Scottish and no other people but White English People. God how racist can you people be???

  • Mason Thompson

    Cool..well now I'm off to take 5 mortgages out on my house, recieve 7 bank loans and sell my children all to build an english garden. While I enjoy these lowes videos, the projects they show are always absurdly expensive for just an average person who wants to do some gardening

  • Gregg F000000

    You need more like a 4" – 6" base. 2" base is not going to do any good here. NOT good advice. Landscapers and concrete contractors constantly skimp here because they don't want to dig.

  • Eduardo Viajero

    The simplicity is in a way very Zen. Its so organized. It looked like a lot of work though… So first world! But I wonder if the carpenters in Asia can just copy this with their bare hands… or at least shovels and big knifes. The Landscape Fabric Now that would an essential and cheaper alternative to those blocks? Its be less English, if it was wood? But it may still be as charming. Picket Fences would so exotic in my side of the world. Anything the video is Subscription worthy. Excellent.

  • Cass C

    I appreciate the effort but this is a very expensive formal English garden. I prefer the less formal, non structured form that has alot of personality and is intune and an extension of the gardener vs a copied template.

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