EBook shows how to grow with non circulating hydroponics: https://www.etsy.com/listing/615008659

How to Make a Downspout Garden / Common Questions / Gutter Garden / DIY Hydroponics

My video on how to make the downspout grow box is kind of old and a little vague. I get a lot of questions so I will be answering them in the next few videos. After that I will unbox a food grade NFT channel that I had ordered a few months back and never opened.

Garden Downspout Grow Box seen in my videos: https://www.etsy.com/listing/684362332/garden-downspout

Hydroponic nutrients and other hard to find supplies:

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How to Make a Downspout Garden / Common Questions / Gutter Garden / DIY Hydroponics

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  • Robert Johnson

    Really enjoy your videos Mike. I'm just getting into hydroponics and haven't really settled on which systems I want to use but I do have a construction tip when sawing PVC with a power saw. Just like "drilling backwards" to get a smooth hole, on a circular saw of any sort, reverse the blade and drag the teeth through instead of cutting through (real good use for an old, dull, worn-out blade). Not saying I'm old, but I was on the design team for dirt.

  • frederica broadney

    Don’t know what I did wrong I measured my master blend to the t checked my ph to the t my plants are not doing anything I have it under my light and everything I’m trying my best not to get discouraged about this because I really want to make it work I’m buying meters scales the right nutrients jars rockwool help please can you be my mentor

  • sky__net

    No problem with algae with the white plastic?? I had to cover my white buckets with black plastic to stop algae.

  • Richard Barrett

    Around the 9min mark, you mention a food grade nft channel. What happened to that? I don't see a link or another video that covers it. Thank you.

  • Laurie Robbins Hagedorn

    I am so confused!!!!! How does cutting a downspout on the square end up looking like the working system you use to grow plants?

  • Attila


    Is there any particular reason why you didn't drill the wholes further to the ends? It seems to me that with these spaces, you could have fitted 7 wholes instead of 6 on this size of downspout..

  • David Gilpin

    Hey Mike! The eight garden gutters I ordered from you just arrived this afternoon! They are BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS! I LOVE them! I love your videos … so much great information. One of the first of your videos that I watched you used ONE hole in each gutter garden to fill and refill each garden. I'd hate to lose 8 potential planting holes for refilling. Have I missed a video where you have addressed this? Would it be OK to pop one of the noodles out to check the water level? I am a Gutter Garden Newbie … Help me please and thanks!

  • Dusty Acres

    This is kinda off topic, but you discuss growing a lot of Bok Choi, would like a video on how you prepare it maybe your recipe(s)

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