Pallets are great to use as containers to grow food in, especially if you make modifications that increase their volume. In this video, I’ll show you how to cut a pallet into three pieces and then reform them into a simple pallet planter. It’s perfect for sitting on a patio or on the ground, filling with compost and growing almost anything in. It has depth enough for carrots and is large enough for dwarf fruit trees and some berry bushes. Included in the video:

1. Pallet safety
2. Cutting and assembling a pallet into a pallet planter
3. Lining and filling the planter
4. A walk around the patio container garden

There’s a follow-up video to this one and shows how many carrots I was able to grow in it:

➤ This video follows on from last week’s video in which I presented a quick start guide to growing food in containers ( Growing food in pallet containers was one of the ideas but watch the video to learn more about different types of planters and containers that you can add to your Victory Container Garden.

➤ For an introduction to growing a Victory Garden, watch

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Stihl GTA 26 Pruner
Vegepod Medium Raised Garden Bed
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How to make a DIY Pallet Planter

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  • Trixinator

    Such great instructions, thank you! What did you line the planter with? Is a plastic bag ok or do you need special planter lining?

  • Karol Padiasek

    What an amazing job! Thank you for sharing:) I usually see pallets with gaps in the UK…I hope I will find one of those one. Could you please tell me what was the size of the pallet? Thank you!

  • The Push

    I was interested in pallets and replacing my plastic containers because of all the data related to all plastics leaching chemicals and causing cancer, hormonal imbalances, etc.

  • Claire Stone

    Loved watching this video of making a planter from palettes. I'll be creating one of these very soon. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  • Estela Nuñez

    hi i hope you see this message, so i have. a brown pallete that came with my sofa ,she has no stamp ,can i use it to make a box to plant stuff still ?

  • Nancy Moody

    Hi – loved the video. Wondering how you line up the pilot holes with the screws once they are covered by wood. Thanks!!!

  • welsh1lad

    Thank you will look making this this year , last years lockdown was tomatoes and lettuce . But this would be ideal. Video nicely edited as well.

  • John Malatesta

    Quick and simple . I made chicken coup out of pallets. Using oak pallets . You can make some many things with free pallets

  • Marcy Johnson

    THANK YOU for guidance on what stamp to look for!! I saw a video warning against chemicals, but didn't say what to look out for, because they were touting another way for making planters. Also really enjoyed the video! Very helpful! Out of curiosity~ Where are you from? I can't place your dialect. There's a hint of Irish, but it sounds like there's something else too…

  • Dana Kibby

    For those watching this video most pallets are not made this way so be prepared to have to make it different. In most the time when you yank on the wood on a pallet do you remove the nails it breaks the wood. The best way to remove as you buy a cheap ripsaw are reciprocating saw is what it’s called at Harbor freight for under $20 and you purchase metal blades for cutting nails and you cut a long between the nail and the two pieces of wood while someone holds the other part of the skid! This does two things it saves the world from splitting and you don’t have to worry about stepping on nails accidentally it’s always great to watch a video of someone doing a project that isn’t qualified you may be qualified in the thought process with this can get you hurt with Rusty nail’s involved

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