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Shawna Coronado shows how to be green and sustainable by reclaiming – reusing a series of old planting containers. She paints the containers, then builds a special planting tower with the recycled pots, creating a green and eco-friendly way to make an environmental difference in your garden. See more of Shawna and her tips at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAquaponic/Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower 1.4 (Re-Purposed Materials)Grow 53 Plants in 4 Sq Ft with a Garden Tower Vertical Container Garden“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningAquaponic/Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower 1.5 (Re-Purposed Materials)Easy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodShipping container house – Green roof

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  • Mike P 1 year ago

    I super love you! what ever that means.

  • Robert Storment 1 year ago

    Thanks for your video.  Please check out my original song.  It's called He Wasn't Just A Dog.  Thanks for listening.

  • Catherine Bruce 1 year ago

    Very interesting.

  • Ethan Schwartz 1 year ago

    if it's against a wall, don't center the pots. put them to the back.

  • Hannah-marie Donovan 1 year ago

    in britain what would an upsidaisy be called?

  • yawei Li 1 year ago

    nice, vertical tower garden

  • Roger Keulen 1 year ago

    Hmmm, i don't know…. Looks a bit odd…. Your yellow hemerocallis looks a lot better, than the blue platic tower. Why not put some sticks in the ground (obelisk) and put a honeysuckle or clematis in. Plastic should not be used in a garden.

  • Daniel & Arela Wheeler 1 year ago

    Nice work by the way. excellent idea

  • Daniel & Arela Wheeler 1 year ago

    Wish I could see what it looked like after it really took

  • ARMAND ALOVERA 1 year ago


  • elle ملاك 1 year ago

    creative!!what inserts did you use??

  • Imran Khan 1 year ago

    Stunning woman beautiful presentation 

  • Martin Miljkovic 1 year ago

    Nice spirit :)

  • ghayath2011 1 year ago

    Your containers look new but what you did looks great. Your videos are great. Thank you

  • Kevin Stermer 1 year ago

    Love your yard! More plants less grass! 

  • Bill Hathorn 1 year ago

    thanks for sharing.

  • zapperzip 1 year ago

    same here, love them couple of huge squash

  • Jeff Gunn 1 year ago

    Her smile reminds of an old girlfriend back in the day, i have no idea what she was doing but i watched the whole video and liked it.

  • Zack Mac 1 year ago

    You R Hot Ms.Shawna And you have some great ideas beauty and brains I luv it!!

  • Ana Cardenas 1 year ago

    lovely idea, I will reuse and try it. Thanks