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John from interviews, Curtis Stone, a Urban Farmer who is makes 0,000 a year. Curtis farms in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada on a total of 1/3 acres, most of which he does not own. In this episode, you will learn about the concepts of decentralized farming on small urban farming plots. You will discover how you can grow a high volume of plants in a small amount of space that will net you the most income, but more importantly build a better community, and help educate others about real, local food. In this episode you will learn some of the best crops to grow that will enable you to maximize your income and how you can start making money farming in just 30 days. You will also discover many hints and tips how Curtis has successfully built a farming business by not owning any land in the beginning and starting with a low investment of just ,000. To get the special GrowingYourGreens Bonus, a value, purchase The Urban Farmer by Curtis Stone at: Welcome Growing Your Greens Fans Check out Curtis Stone’s YouTube Channel at: Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more videos like this: Follow John on Instagram at: Related PostsPROFITABLE HYDROPONICS & ORGANIC FARMING IN INDIA – DON’T MISSWelder Becomes Urban Gardener & Grows 300 Fruit Trees on 1/8 Acre of Land | Part 1Vancouver’s 6 Acre Living Green RoofVertical FarmingSmall Space Permaculture Food Forest Garden on 1/4 Acre Home LotArizona Garden Tour – Over 200 Fruit Trees on 1/3 Acre – Spring 2016

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  • Undefined Ideas 1 year ago

    Do you sell? Or just eat

  • Hank Wilson 1 year ago

    How satisfying to see a couple guys talking my language. I drive a truck and want to retire from it. I have a very unused degree in agriculture and horticulture. Got a life change when I was about to graduate and looked for work only to be sadly disappointed. I will subscribe and follow. Thanks for baptizing me back into what I want to do. I'm 54 so still young. I live in rural southern Louisiana and can find land nearby. I also want to raise ethically humane livestock.

  • Jake Stockton 1 year ago

    I live in California (the crop capital of the world). Do I have a chance at competing with all these farms?

  • DannyWarlegs 1 year ago

    Dude is drunk as fuck, crying about sustenance farming…you cant make this shit up.

  • Gary Trombley 1 year ago

    This isn't just a shameless promotion of a book. I read the book twice. Once for overview and the second time to take notes. It is not just the knowledge of growing, but the outlook toward food and fresh food. Definitely worth the read, even if you are only going to do this to grow your own food.

  • Abder NAC 1 year ago

    I'm agri-technician from Morocco ,I want to know the source of financing these culture costs with what he leases acres,plots & water lab analysis costs ,pay workers, tools he used & materials, the wire arround !!! drip system,materials energy (gas) bio pesticides, organic fertilizers, the cost of picking , transportation to the consumer market, including mortgage …etc , with a revenue of $ 100,000 or $ 75,000 per acre that's incredible !!! , without respecting the crop rotation and biological rest of the plots obviously after each 4 or 5 successive cultures !!! l guess he already had a capital to start that project. everything is calculated with the smallest hair according to what they taught us while studying agriculture based on sciences in Morocco .

  • Josh M 1 year ago

    I like the people that are directly condemning the success without doing any research to support there accusations.

    For instance if a farmer uses 1 acre to grow 1 crop in 1 season the farmer has 1 opportunity to make his salary off this crop. Which may or may not be in a good market at the time of harvest.

    However like Curtis if the farmer plants crops that have a 60 DTM or less. For instance if he grows leafy greens he can plant something like 6 consecutive times on that acre in a single season. Each of the 6 rotations can be harvested up to 4 times because the leaf greens will grow back in a week or 2 for another harvest. If a farmer does this he can go from 1 harvest a year to around 18 harvest a year. It could be 24 because that's what the math says but this figure is based on reality which most often is not 100%. If he is able to sell 17 more times in a single season than the typical farmer. Well that opens up all kinds of direct consumer markets. Not to mention a more balanced market when selling multiple times in a season. With weekly and biweekly harvests he is at a direct advantage to local restaurants and weekly farmers market's. The avenues are there and so is the proof (YouTube him). However it's absolutely impossible when some assume first hand it's impossibility without really knowing or understanding the details.

  • Altamash Mehmood 1 year ago

    very nice

  • Ry No 1 year ago

    ridiculous. I have unlimited land in the best climate in the world and my parents are still telling me it cant be done. Farmers are apparently all stupid old poor people lmao

  • Ryan Boyd 1 year ago

    I Am Canadian ehhh :)

  • Brenda Graves 1 year ago

    John and Curtis I must say that was the sweetest testimony for growing healthy veggies and serving the community at the same time I have ever seen. You made my eyes tear up and I got a lump in my throat. So even though I am a retired USA senior citizen living in Costa Rica I am going to give it a go. I hope your book works here in Costa Rica. It is spring time year around. I live in the mountains where it stays around 70 degrees more or less during the day add about 60 degrees more or less at night. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Jordan Babcock 1 year ago

    Still astounded that you do this and share this information for free John. You're truly a wonderful human being. Your videos are not only put together professionally and not only are they educational but you keep things light with jokes, you don't hide your passion such as in this video when you wiped your eyes, you show people that live in communities without personalities like your own that there are people that really do care about everybody and their health. Many of your videos are for beginners and it seems many master gardeners move on and kind of get tired of answering the "simple" questions. It seems like you really are on this planet to help people learn and feed themselves healthy food. I'm sure you're here for other things too hahaha just saying, I'm definitely sorry you got as sick as you did back then, I feel for you there that sucks but the silver lining is I think you've found your calling. THANK YOU!

  • laura campanelli 1 year ago

    John your tears of what you love so move me.. love ya

  • James Connell 1 year ago

    Amazing!this gives me ideas about my land

  • Caroline Kelly 1 year ago

    Recently, I started following the advice of Curtis Stone regarding my vegetable garden plans (except using raised beds). One of the bonuses is the amount of people who have asked me questions about my garden since its establishment.

    Last week, I overheard a lady tell someone that my garden design is exactly what she wants to do to her property.

  • Bijan N 1 year ago

    Your passion is truly inspiring! ROCK on John!!!

  • lane lon 1 year ago

    Heavy duty man . My third new supervisor in the past 6 months called me today to introduce himself and tell me that he wanted to give my position and schedule to somebody else so he could put me in the crap post that is hard to keep filled because I am dependable . I told him no thanks . When he told me that he might not have any choice i told him that I certainly had choices . This video is right on time for me . I don't mind working but there is a point where being a wage slave just sucks . The universe is guiding me in a better way. Rock on John . love your videos .

  • Joan Takazono 1 year ago

    I see that John as loving what he does and is sharing with all. Not every man can be as giving as this. I've been watching his videos for a long time and this is so inspiring. Thanks John

  • Mina Frial 1 year ago

    this is bs.. the only crop making money is cannibus and opium..