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The LiveWall indoor green wall system is designed to grow healthy plants, and as a result, is very easy to maintain. A printable version of this guide is available to download from Be prepared for each maintenance visit. You may need a watering can or cart, bucket, pair of scissors, clean cloth, leaf shine, broom and dustpan or vacuum, and fertilizer. And, you should bring your wall maintenance log. LiveWall indoor systems may be watered by hand, or contain a built-in irrigation system which waters automatically on a timer or with a moisture sensor. With automatically watered systems … The amount of water to apply will vary with the soil, plant type, plant maturity, light intensity and temperature, and exposure to air currents. In all cases, be mindful that most interior plant deaths are caused by too much watering. The appropriate amount to irrigate is just enough, in regards to frequency and duration, to keep the plants in a healthy, non-wilted condition throughout the watering period. Typically a run time of one minute 2 to 3 times per week is adequate. With hand watered systems, choose a day of the week, such as Wednesday, and attempt to go a full week without watering again. A weekly interval is easy to remember and easy to stick to. If you cannot go a week without needing to water again, then apply a little more water next time, or shorten the watering interval – perhaps once every five days. You will know it is time to water if the soil feels dry when you stick your fingers into the planter about halfway down or deeper, or if the plants show a slight wilting at the ends of the stems. Before watering, place the bucket below the drain hose and release the valve. […]

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    I made it myself. Just go to woodprix webpage if you'd like do the same