My bronzai Serissa is infested with spider mites, what should I do to eliminate them?

Serissa bonsai

Dear Hector,

spider mites are among the most difficult parasites to find, because they are tiny in size, and can only be seen with a magnifying glass; however, we note the typical characteristics of the infestation of these mites: presence of very thin cobwebs between the leaves and between the branches of the bonsai; very fine and widespread spots on the foliage, yellow or light green in color; rapid and inexorable decay of the foliar apparatus of our plants. Being mites, they are essentially spiders, not insects; for this reason most of the insecticides have no effect on these unwanted guests; you must therefore use a specific acaricide, you will not have difficulty finding it in the nursery.If you see small red spiders on your bonsai with the naked eye, they are beneficial mites, which feed on tiny harmful mites, and therefore let them live undisturbed on your plant The problem remains as to why the mites have nested in the leaves of your bonsai; in fact, these mites love a hot, very dry climate and dry air with no change; therefore they are usually parasites that develop quickly in August, on garden plants, and even a simple summer storm causes the death of most of the specimens. So I infer that your bonsai, not only has been attacked by mites, but you are also clearly saying that it lives in an excessively dry and unventilated climate; if you keep it in these conditions, the chances of the problem recurring are very high, so, before taking a treatment with an acaricide, try to take a good shower to the plant, to wash away most of the spider mites and their thin cobwebs ; so remember to grow the bonsai with a greater quantity of water in the air: these conditions are easily obtained, by vaporizing the plant with demineralized water, once a day or every two days; in addition to this, try to keep the bonsai in an area with good air exchange.Unfortunately, plants grown in apartments often suffer from problems related to low ambient humidity, because the heating and air conditioning systems tend to dry out very much. ‘air; in addition to this the proximity to direct heat sources, such as radiators, fireplaces, stoves, air conditioners, fans, further worsens the situation.

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