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This is how a steep roof is done…this is how I do it , hope this video becomes helpful if you come across a roof like this , or if you have any questions , feel free to ask them or give me your personal opinion. Greetings. Eric. Video Rating: / 5 Trusses are designed, engineered and manufactured in a different location then trucked to the job site. A crane loads them on top of the walls. Sheeting is added along with trim so the shingles can be laid down. Call 541-530-0468 in Roseburg Oregon to discuss your new custom home. Related PostsWeston – Installing a Rubber roof over gravel roof. Fast and easy. RidgefieldSteep roof installation , how to do it.Steep roof installation , how to do it.Steep Green RoofInstalling a New Roof – Time Lapse with Nikon D5200Installing a VerdiRoof green roof from Verdico

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  • kknud 1 year ago

    you guys are fast!!

  • lee hancock 1 year ago

    Did you use the roof jacks tearing off and putting paper on also???

  • Ethan Smith 1 year ago

    good to see roofjacks and boards on steep roof

  • gonzalez fuentes 1 year ago

    es mucha perdida d tiempo estar poniendo eso ponte el arnes compa y vamonos recio

  • dave fahq 1 year ago

    How long did this roof take your and your crew ?? and how many of u are there??

  • oh2GTI 1 year ago

    Not to criticize, yet why didn't you use staging? Step ladders are a pain lol

  • Brian Perendy 1 year ago

    yep take your time, not worth getting hurt.

  • Jeff DeLuca 1 year ago

    You got my respect just getting up on a roof like this! I've done 8/12 pitch and that's scary enough!

  • Robert Deal 1 year ago

    Thanks for the advice on the roof jacks. In the process of doing 33 sq on a 12/12. Keep up the great work

  • Jacno77 1 year ago

    profcessional roofer!

  • zCheVviBoi 1 year ago

    I subscribe to this channel

  • shingler torcher 1 year ago

    10 /12 Is walkable on a hot day but i won't walk it with out jack and board installed along the eaves

  • Marco Rodriguez 1 year ago

    good i have a bostitch rn45 but feels a little heavy and was thinking of getting the lighter bostitch rn46 but not sure if its as reliable as the rn45. Have you tried any rigid guns? they look small and light but who knows how well they perform.

  • Marco Rodriguez 1 year ago

    what brand coil nailer do you like the best or think is the most durable and reliable? 

  • dannesito304 1 year ago

    good job

  • Noel Guerra 1 year ago

    Hi Eric, sorry to bother, i sent you a msg last week hope u read it, but if u dont thats aight

  • Gilbert Atibagos 1 year ago

    NICE!!! May i know what tha new roof is ? Thanks

  • vlineguy 1 year ago

    Quality at its finest