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► Standing Seam Integrated THIN FILM Solar Panels: Unisolar PV Panels (136 W)” – 6 each – “Learn How To Install Metal Roof” in 15 Minutes by ATAS ► More Metal Roofing here: Metal Roof Installation is difficult and EXPENSIVE, but you can do it yourself and save 00s (see how much Standing Seam Roof Costs: ) Discover the benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing and learn how to install this great metal roof yourself! This roof installation guide is based on ATAS Dutch Seam (standard snap-lock profile) metal roof and covers installing roof underlayment, eave and gable trim, roof panels, valley flashing, hip and ridge caps on a 16″ standing seam metal roof panels. Here is ATAS Dutch Seam (snap-lock standing seam) installation guide where ALL the terms fro this video are explained and shown – ATAS Dutch Seam is a standard Snap Lock standing seam profile, and uses standard flashing and trim accessories. Subscribe to our channel: Related PostsHow to Install Standing Seam Metal Roofing – Endwall FlashingMetal Roofing – How to install Tite-Loc Standing Seam PanelMetal Roofing – How to install Snap-On Standing Seam PanelStanding Seam Metal Roofing Arlington | Call 817-274-6777 | Arlington Standing Seam Metal RoofingStanding Seam Metal Roofing Fort Worth | Call 817-274-6777 | Fort Worth Standing Seam Metal RoofingHow To Measure And Install Multi Rib Metal Roofing Part 1

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  • Topher Dean 1 year ago

    Thanks for answering my question on whether or not I'm going to use a traditional metal roof or standing seam. What a pain.

  • Joe Mirenna 1 year ago

    … And, we have buying power. So, I'll spend my money elsewhere.

  • Joe Mirenna 1 year ago

    So, you like rabid, racist, obstructionist, Tea Party politicians? That's enough for me to boycott your product.

  • jose santiago 1 year ago

    this panel is cheap, because the one of my crew does is ultra seam plus is hook to other no snap to other and is 16 gate hard panel ,they almost install the same

  • Mario Tube 1 year ago


  • dutyandhumanity 1 year ago

    Don't forget the wind and other elements.

  • dutyandhumanity 1 year ago

    Why not show how "EASY" this would be too install on a real job site instead of a miniature staged roof —with the same pitch, while standing on, working off and not tearing the rosin paper. This roof had better last an eternity with all this work to be done.

  • John Teel 1 year ago

    Hey That was fast. Thanks Here is the link for the terms and diagrams Thanks ever so much I will study this guide. Super service!!!!
    installation guide where ALL the terms are explained and shown –

  • John Teel 1 year ago

    Wow. It would be helpful to list all these terms definitions and you assume that DIY homeowners you think that everyone knows. Cleat, Joggle cleat, trims, ridge, Metal Z closures, Sealant (what kind) Ridgecap, Masking, Hip location, Z's substrate, gable…….

  • jose santiago 1 year ago

    definitely u guy skipping step..on the panel to slide it in inches and a quarter marc on the right side of the bottom of the panel. . skip to how to do the square marc on the roof, u say it but not showing. .and doing the valley panel is better get the panel on the valley marc the right side of the bottom of the rib,and marc the left side of the bottom of the rib about a 1/8 nch.. them do a straight marc from the marc..left to the right side ,put like one inch and a 1/8 ,bend the first marc..and later install on the clip..below 1/8 nch..allway up or down..the angle of the panel change how u go up or down. .your welcome

  • Martin Dever 1 year ago

    you can't have ads and poor quality video!

  • Roofing Companies CT 1 year ago

    ATAS installs some of the most high-end standing seam metal roofs in the world. Great demo in this video on the correct installation procedures to combat ice build up and dams. 

  • sawdustmaker49 1 year ago

    can a ridge vent be installed with this product?

  • kinghdmi 1 year ago

    You all are delusional to think that a contractor is going to follow all these steps. Clowns I interviewed only use ice shield underneath with nothing else. Too much detail for goober to get it right. 

  • Tole Tuile 1 year ago

    Excellent Good video and I think it will live a good impact to other about the tiles installation. Good going, keep it up.

  • Daisy D 1 year ago

    Is the color of the blue roofing material showing up accurately? I love this color, but can only seem to find bright or dark blues online. If accurate, what's the color name/brand? Thanks in advance for your answer. 

  • 3865roofer 1 year ago

    the flashing is the hardest part of any metal roof its simple to install

  • Bonesaw 1 year ago

    shouldnt the gable edge be installed on top of the felt paper?

  • Travis Hart 1 year ago

    wow, this video recorded with a freaking potato ?

  • Kev hutch 1 year ago

    them panels are a joke. why youd u ever want a snap lock roof. Standing seam is the way to go. these people never put a roof on in maine.