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We have to seal up our house from water. The previous owner did not understand this concept. Today we install metal drip edge on our rear porch roof and show you how to do it. We specifically show you how to install the drip edge with the shingles already in place. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Build A Lean To Shed – Part 7 – Roofing InstallHow to install a reliable drip system for your vegetable garden (菜园自动滴灌系统)“Asphalt Shingles Roofing – How to Install Valley” by RoofRepair101How to Build a Shed – How To Install Asphalt Roofing Shingles on a Shed – Video 13 of 15Metal Roofing – How to install Tite-Loc Standing Seam PanelHow to Install Roof Shingle Properly – Roofing Dallas / Ft Worth – Free Estimates


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  • Warrior Scholar 4 months ago

    When I demo'd my drip edge, it lacked nails in the top. That's probably why it got rotten fascia but it's a 25 year old board

  • MrUsaer 4 months ago

    it was good to see your "real world" video showing the problems that many of us have when doing a repair. 99% of the videos show the job going smoothly, so you do not get to see the problems that most of us DIY guys have.

    I am having same exact problem lifting the shingles high enough to nail in the drip edge. I guess I could use the bar as you did, but I was thinking that instead of nailing the drip edge to the deck that i could just use a strong adhesive like "liquid nails" or a roofing adhesive ADHESIVE silicon with good sticking power. I do not see why this would not work, but have not seen anyone else try it on youtube. It is just for a 20ft section across the front of my garage. What do you think….might it work? Any suggestions on type of adhesive to use?