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THIS IS THE SHED SERIES FROM THE BEGINNING Puting the weather watch rolled roofing material on was real easy and fast to install . The roofing screws were 1-1/2 inch and went thru the drip edge and into the stud below . The roof area is 14 ft x 10 ft . Using a couple of clamps to hold the rolled roofing down and square is a very important task to get it on without it moving . I will keep you updated as to how it it lasts in the future. My other channel is all about my views from politics to everyday life and things I find interesting and some things that just need to be talked about so join me if you like at STEVE ROB REPORT #STEVEROBREPORT Thanks for watching ! If you’d like to see what’s happening in upcoming videos check out my instagram page. The videos on my channel are for entertainment purposes only. I do not assume any responsibility for anything shown or mentioned on this channel. I recommend you always consult a professional. Video Rating: / 5 A1Sheds: WaterShed Roofing Kits provide a long-lasting roof for your garden building. Made from light-weight, easy-to-handle corrugated roofing tiles, rain water is channelled effectively down the slope of the roof and away from the building. The WaterShed roofing kit is designed to cover all apex roofed buildings, including sheds, summerhouses, workshops, garages, playhouses, log cabins, lodges, bike stores, shelters, beach huts, log stores and the like. It can be used instead of, or over existing roofing felt, and is easy to fit. The WaterShed roofing system comes with a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty, and is supplied as a full kit consisting of roof tiles, ridge tiles, timber battens, fixing screws and screw caps. WaterShed kits are […]

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  • Jason Branson 5 months ago

    I'm doing a shed right now ,I think I will give this a try

  • Where did you buy this from? The ones at home depot are only 3 ft wide. I need 4.5ft wide.

  • Kenneth Gonzales 5 months ago

    Thank you!! I have been searching for useful information on how to fix the roof on my garage. Great Job!

  • Find Us Camping 5 months ago

    Watched your video is was a great help. Might have to install on our den soon. How is it holding up so far

  • Alan Lindenmuth 5 months ago

    If you read the directions it says it can be left uncovered up to 60 days. Any feedback if left uncovered long term.

  • Marko fraser 5 months ago

    Would this stick to metal , say a mobile home ? , maybe if I put an adhesive primer ?

  • Great recommendation! It's a bit pricey, but I see the long term benefit of the stick on concept. Thanks for the vid!

  • antony porter 5 months ago

    you could use a bitumen primer 1st + a seam roller to remove any air

  • Veer Bhadra 5 months ago

    Thank you bro

  • BirdieLegs 5 months ago

    Liberty 3 ft. x 34 ft. (100 sq. ft.) SBS Self-Adhering Cap Sheet in Black for Low Slope Roofs
    This stuff is only slightly more expensive but designed to do what you're doing with the underlayment and will last a lot longer, its available at Home Depot

  • Ricardo Trujillo 5 months ago

    So you just put over the osb? Did you put any metal around on the osb before this material? Thanks for sharing, blessings

  • Guzman Baeza 5 months ago

    I ve covered my roof with 2×8 x 12 cedar boards. Would you install this system on it? Will it stick?

  • Unknown User 5 months ago

    Plywood is the best thing to use due to the multiple layers, the glue used while pressing them together making it almost impossible for it to absorb water. Osb swells up and rots

  • Think I'll try this on a little garden shed I'm building.

  • samuel tillery 5 months ago

    Dont put the shiny side up. Put the glue side up. That's why it has lines on that side and the glue helps hold off moisture and water. It will last longer if you dont det it in right away

  • Dan Banovich 5 months ago

    Great job, Thank you for your time.

  • peetre 5 months ago

    I came here from a tiling underlayment video by Risinger. So you are suggesting using this instead of Schluder product?

  • Claudio 5 months ago

    Is it a good idea build a shed with this kind of roof in new england?

  • Raksa E36 5 months ago

    It look so simple. That what I need . But why you don’t use water shield protection? I when to Home Depot they recommend to use underpayment protect top plywood. Thank man

  • Robert Baxter 5 months ago

    That is not roofing and will not last long. GAF makes an actual self adhering rolled roofing system.

  • Neil Linton 5 months ago

    Looks awful.

  • SCPI Guy 5 months ago

    Using a drill to drive all those screws….

  • On a shed roof that Douglas fir ply will sag

  • Perry Shildrick 5 months ago


  • David Burt 5 months ago

    What a load of shit !!! Why not buy longer sheets ?

  • Kevin Richardson 5 months ago

    Looks like shit

  • Paul Jarman 5 months ago

    £399 they want for a 10 x 8 roof, jesus even Dick Turpin wore a mask!

  • DaBrute 5 months ago

    looks really sloppy

  • Norman Sidey 5 months ago

    Cheaper prettier and quicker to buy a new shed! Normski

  • Wendy Goodall 5 months ago

    Ugly roof