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Im going to show you how to install a GRP fiberglass flat roof from start to finish, i will do the video in two parts because otherwise it would be too long, i will go over the materials and stages and try show you as best i can how to do the job properly. If you enjoy my content the please help me continue producing videos by donating here : every penny counts thankyou Aerial videography business Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: SnapChat: stucrompton Acting website : live streaming Periscope: stucrompton Blab: stucrompton Meerkat: stucrompton music from epidemicsound website here : songs used : mountain downhill, positronic emotions, light em up Business: Thanks for watching! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFlat roof repair and construction – how to install and replace flat roof (Argyle Roofing)Roll Roofing , how to install a basic flat roof, torch down roofing !Roll roofing installation, Flat roof installation step by step ,must watch!How To Replace A Flat Roof – Argyle Roofing ContractorsFirestone EPDM Rubber Roofing Installation on a Flat RoofHow to Install Roof Shingle Properly – Roofing Dallas / Ft Worth – Free Estimates

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  • Ashley Doe 9 months ago

    Hi Stu love the vids! I have a small concrete porch roof how would you waterproof it? the concrete absorbs moisture currently, could I coat it in isoflex liquid rubber? As their is no insulation between the concrete and internal ceiling so the moisture is sitting on ceiling and creating damp, need to resolve this before winter sets in look forward to your response

  • Nahla Parker 9 months ago

    Hello handsome stu and surgeon kc, it's really special you and your dad are working together and building memories will last a lifetime….. .you have an awesome family and the lots you have gone through. ..thank you for your encouragement. ….lots of God's blessings to you and your family. Good work especially when you noticed that the roof was not even..other people would not care but am glad to see you caught that and did it right.

  • kingkurtzig 9 months ago

    Thanks for these videos, Im just about to do my fitst fibreglass roof and this has been an invaliable watch for me.

  • Jack Greene 9 months ago

    Hi mate, do you need a 3mm gap where the t+g meet as well?

  • Benjamin Harvey 9 months ago

    Pukka job stu, were wedges specially cut for you?

  • Jo Flores 9 months ago

    wait so it only takes one layer? To waterproof the roof?

  • John Cummins 9 months ago

    Hello mate really helpful video as considering giving this a try on my house got a couple of questions if you or anyone else knows the answers.
    Q1 my roof has the drain pipe running from the centre of the roof down the floors of the house how do you join this type of roof up to that is it just a case of making it good around the hole or can you get a joining fitting?
    Also as it's a big roof and I live in the rainy north is the fiberglass water proof once you have sealed it so it would be OK for a day or two before the top coat is applied
    Thanks in advance if you know the answers john

  • Lean Motherfunker 9 months ago

    Did you install the f300 flat flashing trim under the tiles?

  • Alfred Hunt 9 months ago

    Awesome work. Need more skilled people like yourself in Auckland New Zealand. keep it up

  • mantas radavicius 9 months ago

    nice work..just one question to fix your osb boards did u use just yellow screws or galvanized ones,?

  • South East fibreglassers ltd 9 months ago

    Invest in a couple of extension poles, makes it so much easier and saves the backs in few years

  • Michael Ledford 9 months ago

    Nice job

  • jason stanley 9 months ago

    Come down south and do my extension please,

  • Gary McMullan 9 months ago

    "How to watch yer dad install a GRP Fibreglass flat roof. Pt 1" I jest, Good job lads! 🙂

  • BeeFriendlyApiary 9 months ago

    Just curious why you didn't scab sister joists to existing which would be much quicker and easier…?

  • ross Cartwright 9 months ago

    so are you a general builder