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GAF- Mastering The Roof (chapter 13) Flashing is used to seal and protects joints in a building from water penetration by direct the flow of water away from these otherwise vulnerable areas. For Flashing to function properly it is important that it is installed correctly This is part 1 stay tuned for part 2 of this video. The last video I made left out how to install strips insulation and underlayment. I hope you enjoy. Please subscribe and like and look forward to a whole new how to series coming out in July Hello and thank you for visiting our Youtube Site Here there’s no telling what you will find. Work videos, fishing videos, how to install metal roofing videos, goofing off around the shop videos and our newest interest how to videos. I’d like to earn your subscription and likes so please comment and let me know if there’s something you would like to see. Below are the links to various sites I own and places you may be interested in going to: This is our main business instant online quote Ebay This is our store in Statesboro Ga Our truss manufacturing company My most exciting new project Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts“How To Install Standing Seam Metal Roof” by ATASLeaky Roof? Install A Lawn On TopAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyHow to Install the LiveRoof Green Roof SystemHow to Install A green RoofHow to Install Roof Shingle Properly – Roofing Dallas / Ft Worth – Free Estimates


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  • MJBclassics 10 months ago

    Why can't my boss talk to me this calmly?

  • paytontech 10 months ago

    Do they just run their fingers over the surface of that vapor barrier to locate the furring strips underneath (as opposed to the insulation) as they attach the panels?

  • Web 1 Roofing Media 10 months ago

    Thanks for taking the trouble to put out this video. It was very helpful to me!

  • Waymon Madows 10 months ago

    You have a great websote/  I have a link on my website for my customers to
    go directly to your side, but it is my opinion your website builder need to
    improve it.

  • Isaiah Cruz 10 months ago

    How much would a project like this cost.?

  • Maxwell Ruiz 10 months ago

    Damn those guys are good!

  • Nice job. Thanks for posting this video it really helps for do it yourselves

  • Ben Anderson 10 months ago

    what is the rolls of fabric that you roll over the insulation? Oh and when will part two come out? Thanks for this… it help a lot!

  • Deborah Powell 10 months ago

    I wished I had seen your video before my new Metal Roof was applied to replaced shingles.  I would have know more as what was not done.  Looking forward to next video.  Thank you.

  • Carl Wriston 10 months ago

    A little tip re. videoing.  Slow down the panning.  I makes it difficult to watch.  Thanks for all the info.  I seems you are trying to cover all bases.

  • Gregory Terry 10 months ago

    Do you feel that insulation is necessary whenever installing metal over shingles? Btw, I appreciate the insight; looking forward to part 2!