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How to Install Drip Irrigation – Part 2 Vegetable Garden – In this video I install Drip Irrigation into my vegetable garden. It is a fast and easy installation that will put the water directly where it is needed with no waste. The next video will expand on this installation. Good Starter Kit – Timer – Multizone Timer – End Plug – 1/4 Drip Pipe – 1/4 Blank Pipe – Sod Staples – Faucet Adapter Filter and Pressure Regulator – Drip Barb Assortment – 1/2 Gallon Dripper – 17mm Drip Line – Distribution Pipe – Mixed 1/4″ Pieces – Emitter Install Tool – Products I Use – HortTube Facebook Page HortTube Instagram HortTube Twitter How to plant in clay. How to plant in clay. Short video. How to plant in sandy soils. 30 Allen Rd. Clayton, NC 27520 Related PostsHow to install a reliable drip system for your vegetable garden (菜园自动滴灌系统)How to Make Drip Irrigation | Plant Watering System | Cheap Garden Ideas | Muft Ka IdeaFunvention Garden Drip Irrigation Kit – DIY Science Educational Toy for KidsFunvention Garden Drip Irrigation Kit – DIY Science Educational Toy for Kids – TrailerDIY Drippers: Drip Irrigation for HydroponicsShanking drip irrigation

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  • jonnken 9 months ago

    You know about what PSI exists in these pipes…after the pressure regulator?