How to install an EPDM Flat Rubber Roof, ClassicBond

ClassicBond® EPDM Is the original EPDM Flat roofing system with a proven track record of over 50 years service life. Recognised as one of the most reliable, durable and sustainable materials for your flat roof. ClassicBond is manufactured by Carlisle-Syntec who pioneered EPDM roofing systems in the 1960’s

BBA Certified & preferred by roofing professionals, ClassicBond is tangibly more pliable, slate grey in colour and is the ideal EPDM rubber roof covering for both large and small flat roofs.

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In this video I show how I built my garage roof with timber joists, OSB board and an EPDM roof covering. I show the materials I used and how I carried out the project with my brother Big Pouse. The roof was built 5 years previous to the video so I show you how the roof has held up and what improvements I’ve made since. I bought the EPDM roofing materials from National Roofing.

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How to install an EPDM Flat Rubber Roof, ClassicBond

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  • greg macmillan

    So I just fitted one of these today on a cabin/summerhouse. Mine was just over 5m x 4m. As others have said this makes it look pretty easy.

    A 1.1m thick 5m x 4m epdm roof weighs 55kg/120 lbs (according to the shipping label). Getting it on to the roof was a major pain. Particularly without catching it on the osb3 edges I roofed with.

    I spent around 30 mins getting it on the roof and the in the right place and lined up properly. This was pretty difficult and mainly involved removing the big ripples and folds, then getting the rubber broadly square to the roof, harder than it sounds without falling off when you are standing on the rubber itself. Another 30 mins letting the rubber 'relax'. Around 30-40 mins to get the water based glue on in 2 'halves' and the edges were another 30 minutes or so.

    Most of the time was spent moving the rubber around, the glue went off pretty quickly. Moving the rubber is difficult, and with one person it hard to fold it as neatly as is shown here. The water based adhesive was initially like an ice rink (standing on the rubber sliding over the adhesive), then after 10 minutes it quickly became very tacky and hard to lift/reposition. The border contact glue was ready pretty much instantly, making it quite hard to manage as it was sticking the rubber after 1-2 minutes and hardening in my roller tray after 5-10 minutes. It stuck the rubber to itself if I didn't fold it back carefully. You need to be clear in your mind what you are doing and go for it because as soon as the glue is down the clock is running.

    This is early autumn in Scotland with 75% humidity at 13°C. Remember the glue won't work properly if it's wet, humidity over 80%, or if the temperature is under 5°C or going to fall under freezing in the next 48 hours. Not much use in Scotland!

    So I'd relied on this video as a guide for fitting a 'standard' 1.1mm firestone epdm kit. But I had no idea what the timescales were for the glue drying etc and I couldn't find this information anywhere. I'd read somewhere the contact glue would take 15-30 minutes to tack off… But that wasn't true for me. Hopefully this helps someone.

  • S10 Project Management

    I first used this product on a flat top about 7 years ago, i went back to the property recently and the roof still looks great. I’ve done several since and really rate this system.

  • Isakaldaz Wulfazizsunus

    How are the bolts holding the beams? With bolts like these you have to be flush on the outer face of the beam so they can hold the beams to the brick so the brick does the work and the beam can't move. I guess it depends on your weather conditions and what you plan to do on the roof, but it seems weak. How has it been going?

  • John Carter

    The best of the best vid for EDM roof you can possibly find, also how to construct your roof. Great work and thanks for the advice!

  • Daniel Sh

    I can’t believe people are actually giving you positive comments. There are dozens of videos on YouTube showing you how to install an EPDM roof correctly and tidily. There is so much wrong with your amateurish effort it’s a joke. I mean really it was a real laugh watching you make one mistake after another. The manufacturers provide free online training showing you how to do each and every detail so it’s a wonder why you went ahead and installed it so badly. I mean, why on earth did I u fit a termination bar under lead flashing??! Your supposed to use one or the other. And your detailing is hilarious. I was embarrassed for you. It’s all wrong. And there should be a pipe boot around that waste pipe. And your supposed to have contact adhesive around the perimeter on the deck too, not just the upstand. And you didn’t dress the membrane tight into the change of angle. Shall I continue?? There’s more. But I think you must get the idea. It’s one gargantuan fuck up. Keep on trying mate.

  • P Desai

    Great video. Neat job… Would be nice if you can post any of the removing existing felt roof video. You cant find many where it shows you how to remove them. 🙂

  • Anthony John

    This contact adhesive is sticking down my EDPM roofing sheet, not for sticking up your bloody noses, right! Buy your own fucking glue!

  • Kris Rickson

    I don't really like the termination bars they send, I had a few issues with mine leaking so I removed them in the end and just put coping stones on the rubber and pointed them up, no issues now.
    I assume they will be OK if you are using it flat on the roof joining to a neighbouring roof? Don't work very well upright though

  • Glen Fraser

    Thanks, Just doing a first floor extension and wondered how I was going to fix to the cedrel profile I think I know how to do that now..

  • Mrs B

    Really like this EDPM, I'm looking to replace the felt on our workshop as it's become porous and the roof leaks badly. The roof is an apex and I think this would work nicely, it's also more affordable than I thought.

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