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See how easy it is to install a Modular Green Roof from GrufeKit. You can add Sedum & Wildflower to your roof to give it colour. It’s also great for attracting bees and butterflies. Green Roofs also have added benefits such as reduced heat transfer keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Green Roof trays also reduce water runoff helping reduce the loads heavy rain places on drainage systems as well as reducing pollution and plus they also look great! For more information on Green Roofs and to purchase the GrufeKit system visit our website – Related PostsOptigrHow to install a green roof using Wallbarn M Tray clip systemHow to build a modular green roofModular Hydroponic Tower Garden – PrintingGreen Roofs: How to install an instant Sedum Roof SIG Liveroof Lite – 2 minute EditPrairie Green Roof


Green Roofs


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