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Hey guys, how do you like the wooden house featured in this video? Do you want a tutorial on that? I recorded the making of it if you do 🙂 Or if you wouldn’t want another Minecraft house tutorial, I understand. I got a bunch of video ideas lately, but I’m always looking for more! This video was actually a 100% suggestion by you guys. I hope it helped, and please let me know if it did, feedback is really appreciated and needed for me to improve my content. I think minecraft gardens are really important, they often complete a whole build, especially houses. Hope this tutorial works for you guys! As always, send me pictures of your inspired work on twitter and I might feature it on the next video to show how much of a genius you guys are (and to inspire others in the same way) Have a great day! ^.^ Follow me! – Twitter: – Facebook: – Twitch: – Instagram: Video Rating: / 5 school garden ideas – Cute Simple Bedroom Decor Accents landscape design jobs dallas tiny backyard houses diy bedroom decor andreas choice andreaschoice Garden educational nutritional vegetables tutorial gardens baltimore hampstead education learning fashion school Design how to teachers planting beauty Carlson academy teaching Chrissa plants guru diy how kids hill Schulgarten Ideen – Cute Einfache Schlafzimmer-Dekor Akzente Landschaft Design Jobs dallas winzigen Hinterhof H Related PostsMinecraft – Little Kelly Adventures : GOING TO THE SECRET GARDEN!MINECRAFT BEAUTIFUL GARDEN!!! Garden Decoration Ideas! Underground survival base – TutorialMinecraft with Jansey 1.10 | Episode 72 | Roof Garden | Survival Let’s PlayMinecraft Garden Decoration Ideas!DIY Raised Garden Bed How-to Video | Versawall® Retaining Wall Blocks by Adbri MasonryAdam and Eve In the Garden of Eden for kids | Animated Short Bible […]

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  • Raurie Sime 4 years ago

    i realise this is an older video, but i have an idea. what about a house with a grass or garden roof??

  • anondecepticon 4 years ago

    This was lovely, thank you for sharing.?

  • Mark Belain 4 years ago

    Holy hell you're good.
    Are you an architect out of Minecraft, too?
    I'd be surprised if you're not.?

  • Stunnerly 4 years ago


  • Crazy0Panda 14 4 years ago

    I love the garden vid! keep up the amazing work!?

  • Bebe Nolasco 4 years ago

    I love you Grian!! Your the best builder I have ever seen!!?????????

  • Bramely Apple 4 years ago

    Thank you so so so so soooooo much for this!! I needed this, and I never thought that it could be mastered so easily!! Keep it up Grian!! ^

  • Mangle Fazbear - Drawings, FNAF & More! 4 years ago

    Can you please do fences you're very good ;3?

  • Jayden Lewin 4 years ago

    show us how to make the house!!!?

  • XSperdue A.K.A. Steve 4 years ago

    How do you copy trees??

  • HighTech Gamer 4 years ago

    You are My Favourite YouTuber Of 2015 well Almost Just Keep Up the Good Work??

  • Courtney Nguyen 4 years ago


  • ERTYandCOOLDUDE Minecraftguys 4 years ago

    I like this video its really interesting?

  • pr1nce DP 4 years ago

    damn you make building look easy…………..?

  • Christoph Zeller 4 years ago

    It looks so easy when you do that?

  • Video Star234 (CallieB) 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for making this tutorial it helped me so much and I'm going to try it out :)?

  • OhLookItsKitty 4 years ago

    Grain, do you have any tips for people who just can't go random??

  • VexxVillow 4 years ago

    @Grian: Can you tell me what Programm you use to make these smooth fly overs? The Video does look amazing without any cutts, and the camera seems to be in the correct place all the time!?

  • Nole_ #SeaLion 4 years ago

    Did u use vowel sniper or worldedit to smooth out the chunk of grass the house was on??

  • //Captain Narwhal\ 4 years ago

    I have a suggestion of the garden. Some lighting. ??