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In this episode we look at how to clone plants for your hydroponic system. Cloning plants is a great way to ensure your garden is filled with a genetically proven plant. With the right tools and a little luck your clones and cuttings will become strong independent plants in a few weeks. Clones/Cuttings can be taken from almost any plant and be propagated for use in both soil and hydroponic gardens. Organic alternatives to rooting hormone include honey or making a tea from either soaking the bark or the yellow-tipped shoots of a weeping willow tree in water for 24 hours. Other How To Clone Videos Related PostsHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningClone Pepper Plants for HydroponicsHow To Clone Marijuana With HydroponicsQuest For The World’s Largest Hydroponic Tomato: How To Clone Tomato PlantsClone Machine | SuperCloner Cloning Hydroponic SystemEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food

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  • golden guanyu 1 week ago

    my root is alot bigger and seems to fit the middle hole pretty snug

  • Conner MacInnis 1 week ago

    You can cut the top off a 2L pop bottle and use it as a dome

  • MN funkmasta 1 week ago

    don't lie to us and say you didn't know what you were doing. clearly you studied some information.

  • Bobby Booshey 1 week ago

    Rooting hormone is completely unnecessary.

  • chris ramirez 1 week ago

    ay if u clone a weed plant u do those same things rite?

  • Abila Darin Liq 1 week ago

    Thanks for your video.
    Also, I have some ideas to grows up to 10 x the plants, by 50 % the time, with more healthy plants, while "fish" carry out everything…”

  • Randi Reinhold 1 week ago

    So helpful! Thanks!

  • Lawful Christian 1 week ago

    Use honey to clone your plants if you dont want to have to go and buy a cloning product… I think it might be cheaper too…

  • rosalynd oso 1 week ago

    Do you have to have the T8 light? How about direct sunlight in a well lit window?

  • Matthew Collins 1 week ago

    You video got me clipping one of my indoor plants. I mainly grow bonsai but they take for ever so I have to keep myself busy some how.

  • HowToHydroponics 1 week ago

    I feel that if you're cloning a pepper or tomato plant and it's placed into a hydroponic or soil system by the time the plant starts to bare fruit I wouldn't think there would be any trace of the cloning product left. I've read the warning too and I still use them but anyone having second thoughts can just skip out on using cloning products or try more natural alternatives. I wish I could tell you what exactly the concern is for the product but I can't. Sorry I can't be of more help.

  • Travis Richerson 1 week ago

    Matt, I've looked at a lot of cloning products, and he ones i've seen say "not for veg, fruit, or plants that will be eaten." What do you think on that?

  • onlikepopcorn1 1 week ago

    I make my own clone gel by mixing a bit of rooting hormone powder with organic honey. I get much better success than with the powder alone. It also acts as an antifungal/antibacterial to allow the roots to develop healthily and sterile.

  • HowToHydroponics 1 week ago

    The rockwool should drain the excess water by itself. I wouldnt worry about it as long as your seeds + rockwool are in a nice warm place to germinate.

  • merlinmcentee 1 week ago

    Hey Matt,
    Love all your videos you have created. Im now onto season 2, but I have a question for you. It concerns the rockwool. I noticed that you soak your rockwool then take em out of water and place seed or cutting into it and then into your humidity dome. Do you not drain the rockwool at all? I have seen on other videos that you should get as much water out of the rockwool as possible as it can just rot the plants. Im only asking as Im a newbie at this.

  • Andreas Mathiassen 1 week ago

    45 degree angle cut.. correct, double dipping? incorrect,… halfing the leaves, correct,.. humidity dome, correct,……….. the stem was too long, some of the plants were having too many leaves, all fan leaves, cut them of, but I aprove your experimental mentality…. 😉

  • Andreas Mathiassen 1 week ago

    wrong 45 degree angle always outperforms vertical..

  • Andreas Mathiassen 1 week ago

    soil is also good,

  • HowToHydroponics 1 week ago

    No you don't have to you can try just water, or other organic methods such as honey to increase your odds of the cutting rooting. The hormones simply give you the best odds.

  • Daniel Garrido 1 week ago

    Do you have to use hormones?