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In this video, I show how to set up a deep water culture (dwc) hydroponic system in a 27-gallon tote, and use this to upgrade from a five-gallon dwc hydroponic system for a hot pepper plant. The supplies I used the dwc upgrade container are: * 27 gallon Commander XXL tote – from Lowes * Air pump 60 lpm – * Air line tubing – * 2 x 18″ air curtains – * Flora Nova nutrients – If not building the original container in 5-gallon bucket, also would need: 6-inch net basket – The grow light I’m using for this set up is an HLG-100 – Apollo Horticulture Grow tent – Hanging adjuster – See my video showing the hlg-100 grow light setup here – Also, check out Pepper Donkey- Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts$25 DIY Hydroponics 5 Gallon Bucket Deep Water CultureHydroponic DWC Bucket Kit (Deep Water Culture) UnboxingHow To Setup a Hydroponic DWC Deep Water Culture SystemHow to build recirculating deep water culture hydroponic bucket system how to grow hydroponic foodHydroponic vertical tower and deep water culture gardens DIYGROWING WEED IN A HYDROPONIC SYSTEM – DWC (DEEP WATER CULTURE)

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  • Aulrone 3 weeks ago

    DWC+wick > Kraztky. Dirt = pointless. Water + nutrients = necessity. Growing stuff is fun, but I don't think it's efficient to convert my free time to manual labor (watering/mixing) that doesn't have a day off. However, DWC fixed that. One thing I noticed is how violent your aerator is. I read people having lots of problems with root rot with DWC over the Kratzki method, and what I've researched is they say you only need a tiny pond pump. More bubbles pulls more air thus circuiting fungus and viruses into your water. True or not? I have not tested myself, but it sounds like something to keep in mind.

  • Matt Garver 3 weeks ago

    Perfect "How To", really enjoyed the simplified build instructions with tools shown, along with final planting. That Horticulture Lighting Group 100w LED panel and 27 gallon DWC tote should produce a beast of a plant.

  • Bobos Curse 3 weeks ago

    LOL! Evey grower has this tote! 🙂

  • Pewdieseptiplier 3 weeks ago

    where is the moruga x reaper breed, its been a month ,

  • James-M. 3 weeks ago

    If the air pump is hung with a small piece of rope. The vibration noise will be much less.

  • Jared Mccutcheon 3 weeks ago

    That should be a great setup for that plant. I have the same pump and it really cranks out the air. I have a red rocoto in DWC right now that is thriving but hasn't put any fruit out because of the hot summer, so I think I want to bring it in for winter, I may give your setup a try and see how it likes it.

  • Jim Kingman 3 weeks ago

    Good video. I am starting a few DWC plants, so very helpful. Thanks Peter!

  • BoxingFanAZ M.O.B 3 weeks ago

    Peter nice set up! That's 1 happy plant. I've always wanted to know if it's ok to switch nutrients as you did, now I know!! Thx

  • Alfred Tanious 3 weeks ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing Peter

  • Håvard Johansen 3 weeks ago

    How often do you check your ph?