Added by on 2016-04-28 Jen is a Tower Garden owner who demonstrates the various ways to harvest from this aeroponic system. Here she harvests arugula, cucumbers, lettuces, celery and more. All growing inside her house. Some of these plants have roots that go all the way down to the water reservoir. They grow fast and well. You can snip off leaves and serve them right away for salads, or even grow plants to sell at farmers’ markets. Fantastic income potential as well. Find out more at Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts29 Day Indoor Organic Herbs & Greens Harvest: Garden Tower LED Lighting KitHUGE Tower Garden HarvestHow to Harvest Tomatoes from Your Tower GardenIndoor Tower Garden Harvest – My Most RecentHow to Harvest Tower Garden® Basil, Chives & Parsley: Tower TipsHow to Harvest Your Tower Garden® Tomatoes: Tower Tips

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