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  • Rex Thompson 2 months ago

    A couple weeks later…..your zucchini have transformed into completely different plants! Best to direct sow squash anyhow.

  • Elyse Lima 2 months ago

    Just a PSA, don't ever keep your plants that you're planting out in their pots, even if it's in paper. The roots are going to hit the edges and want more space waaaayy before that paper ever breaks down… Especially in a container that has no worms? You're just going to hinder your plants growth for weeks and your plant will take a lot longer to set fruit. Also, this video was not informative on how to grow zucchini vertically. Just tie each leaf upright? I'm sure you would have to prune it and what not. Sorry but this video is not quality.

  • cocinando con Yoli 37 2 months ago

    Me encanta!! Gracias por el video.