Added by on 2016-10-06 How to Grow Wheatgrass without Soil in easy Steps at Home Hydroponically. Part two shows growth of wheatgrass from day 3 to day 8. Download free E Book ” Grow Wheatgrass in Easy Steps” from Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodBioStrateCan plants grow without soil? What is Hydroponics? Explainedhow to grow weed hydroponically indoors part 1Can you grow figs Hydroponically? Part 1 The SetupHow to Grow a Vegetable Garden without Fertilizer & Soil Amendments

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  • Ssarojini Prakash 1 year ago

    Thank u U Tube

  • Rattanaporn Phengpern 1 year ago
  • sakson trisaksri 1 year ago

    Thank you for your good information. I am a new member in this field. I got a question for this. Does this work with sunflower seed?

  • Manorama Sitamraju 1 year ago

    I have grown wheat grass for 30 years with most successful results.But I grew in mud in a shady place at home, with partial sunlight.Growing hydroponically, seems to be so much easier, no botheration of changing the mud after every harvest.But is it equally nutritive? Anyway I'm going to start growing hydroponically right from to-day itself.
       Dear shashi,
      May I talk to you on phone?

  • Shashi Upadhyay 1 year ago

    Hi Indrani,

    I  am answering you query here  so it might help others with similar problem.

    We are growing wheatgrass in summers too in Hydroponic machine which is microprocessor controlled and all the parameters like temperature, humidity, air flow etc. are controlled.

    At 40 Degree it really tough to grow as wheatgrass ideal growing temperature is 20 degree.

    Still you can try following if you already not following it.

    Try to but  good quality wheatgrass seed, which are  big uniform in  size and free of insects.

    Add 10 – 15 ml of  Pharmaceutical grade Hydrogen Peroxide in soaking water for seeds.

    Mix one part vermicompost with one part coco peat or chemical free soil.

    Rest follow procedure in our E book for Grow Wheatgrass at Home. You can download it free from our website page " How to grow Wheatgrass at home.

    Let me know  how it worked for you.

  • Shashi Upadhyay 1 year ago

    Now evenly spread the germinated Barley seeds in the pit insuring that they touch each other but do not overlap.

    Follow same Procedure as shown in Grow wheatgrass video.

    You can download E book from our website addywheatgrass from Grow Wheatgrass page and follow instruction given in it.

  • Shashi Upadhyay 1 year ago

    Thanks for watching our video.
    You can use same method to grow Barley Grass.
    You can use soil medium for growing of wheatgrass and Barley Grass. For better quality wheat / Barley Grass , mix equal quantity of Soil and Organic Manure as growing medium.
    Soaking cycle will be same as Wheatgrass i.e. 12 hour of soaking then completely drain off water then again soak for 15 min and drain water completely and let it germinate for another 12 hour.

  • Shashi Upadhyay 1 year ago

    A viewer asked if same procedure can be used to grow Barley Grass using Soil as growing medium in a earthen pot. We are giving bellow our reply to her for the benefit of other viewers

  • Shashi Upadhyay 1 year ago

    Sorry I could not answer your query earlier.
    Success of wheatgrass growing in tray without soil is due to fact that it roots develop fast and in 2-3 days you have well formed roots entangled with each other forming sturdy base for wheatgrass to stand upright.
    In case of Methi we have done sprouts with 1- 1/2 inch soil base.
    Your idea of doing it hydroponic way is interesting and worth trying.
    I will update result soon. 

  • nir913 1 year ago

    Hey, thats a good video but u should have recorded audio as well.
    I was wondering if it is possible to grow Methi in a similar way?