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  • Andreas Mathiassen 1 year ago

    yeah.. good that you have something that you like.. but I choose different.. and I have my reasons.. lets just end this conversation ey?? no need to further debate on this..

  • trevorstrutt1 1 year ago

    u need to adjust p.h entire grow with anything whats ur point and also if u use grodan i min presoak at p.h of 5.5 and then dump r.o water from the top to remove any lime and its one of the best and easiest mediums out there in my mind for begginers anyways other then soil but then u have bugs to contend with

  • trevorstrutt1 1 year ago

    u r wrong my friend its called layflat u cover ur table with it i have a twenty two table setup perpetualy in a wharehouse and breed myself and i tell u flood and drain is very easy for hydroponics stupid simple and productive really

  • hydropon420 1 year ago

    check out my 2300 watt grow room

  • Angel Sanchez 1 year ago

    Or is it normal for them to grow all dangly

  • Angel Sanchez 1 year ago

    How do u keep ur burly grown weed to stand straight

  • First Last 1 year ago

    R.I.P to the 2 clones

  • Medicator 1 year ago

    smoke so much weed he turned green!

  • ltkipras 1 year ago

    what are those cubes made of?

  • Andreas Mathiassen 1 year ago

    the flood and drain system is, the worst hydro ever, because as this guy does, he leaves a lot of space uncovered, where all the water is exposed to light, wich makes perfect conditions for algae to grow… but it is possible to grow in it… but I warned ya..

  • Oscar Marley 1 year ago

    inches and feets and pounds..we should have one measuring system in the world

  • Theo8892 1 year ago

    Very awesome video but much so very weird person

  • peter8488 1 year ago

    what a look when he opened his chrismas time, a the joy of the season.

  • peter8488 1 year ago

    all they gotta do is grooooow, funny, he's already salivating, do you ever have dreams of buds?

  • pei farmer 1 year ago

    why not top during the veg stage??

  • xXnobioneXx 1 year ago

    man this guy is the shit he probably grows the best bud in the state lol

  • Eli Stoned 1 year ago

    this guy cover some of the steps to grow he didnt show flushing the plants also that you can get everything at a hydroponics store and i find him annoying

  • Game DLC Codes 1 year ago

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  • Benji West Blk 1 year ago

    by week 4 u should be ready to flip

  • Devin Heiner 1 year ago

    you r a hero mighty wizard. ive watched 8/9 thus far and will definitely be following this with my setup…