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  • Travy “PROHO” Spann 1 year ago

    love this guy lol…

  • R.E.B Duece 1 year ago

    Tables Done!. LOL

  • so you have had 2 years now, have ya done anything?

  • Skys Fallen 1 year ago

    I like the green nail polish

  • ImDefinitelyHigh 1 year ago

    lol dude u doing it all while u are green:D thanks for this..

  • Happy Birthday 1 year ago

    see this is interesting

  • Sinkatze 1 year ago

    This is how I made my first growing room, it was insane.

  • Adam Kasper 1 year ago

    table's done…lol

  • rustynailsinajar 1 year ago

    3:44 your a mean one mr. grinch

  • Outlawzand1 1 year ago

    Makes me think about the thousands of dollars i've spent on weed
    could of gone to growing my own plot.

  • kingdeadly1 1 year ago


  • turcu Adrian 1 year ago

    you are the best

  • loocow1554 1 year ago

    seriously this guy is freaking me the fuck out!

  • Michael Kerr 1 year ago

    if i dont use your watering system how offten should i water my plants?

  • Noah Walker 1 year ago

    Hey mr. green. Ive started building, but I really can't find those tables you used. ANY help would be appreciated.

  • D SPag 1 year ago

    woww… im 15 and this is literally my life goal! ive been wanting to grow weed for years. thanks for your inspiration! hopefully when im 18 it works out

  • sonickiller11 1 year ago

    Part 3?!

  • Jacob Yant 1 year ago

    his fluoros' are way to far away from that stand, plus hes using t8 lights instead of t5.

  • ThePurpleHearted 1 year ago

    this guy looks like jim carrey from ''the mask''

  • Wayo 1 year ago

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    Anyone? ^^