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How To Grow Vegetables In Winter With A Winter Vegetable Garden – In this video Mr Yoder shows us how the Amish prep and sustain a vegetable garden all year round. Just this simple technique of using leaves from the fall help insulate the ground. Meaning frost never sets in allowing many varieties of vegetables and even fruits to grow all year round. Even when in snows in the winter, when this falls over the leaves, this even acts as another insulation barrier which in this case for the carrots. May shut down their gardens as they don’t know how to grow vegetables in winter, but with this simple winter vegetable garden tip. I’m sure many more of you green fingered preppers will be out growing more vegetables all year round Follow on Twitter: Blog: Like Us On Facebook: Video Rating: / 5 John from shares with you some of his favorite vendors at the 2nd annual National Heirloom Expo that took place in Santa Rosa, California. In this episode you will learn about 1. The Real Cuban Oregano vs Menthol Plant 2. California Native Edible Plants – Peppermint Candy Flower and Red Maids 3. Self Watering Ceramic Seed Pots – Hand made in the USA Home 4. Vote YES on Prop 37 to LABEL GMOs 5. Gardening by the moon for healthier plants and higher yields 6. Best online app for gardeners lets you plan your garden and get reminder emails 7. Phytol an organic fungicite, milticide and insecticide to knock out bugs and their eggs. Insect Frass which will make your plants immune to insects from the inside out. Ocean Grown Fish Hydrolsate is a low temperature produced fish fertilizer that provides amino acids to your plants to […]

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  • billie Bird (BB) 1 year ago

    Thank you so much. :)

  • Ethan Kast 1 year ago

    Amish Prepper, I have a question. Does this technique work with turnips as well as other root crops?

  • Andrew Towell 1 year ago

    Leaf mulch in winter, got it, thank you!

  • Autsom57 1 year ago

    Thank you! Blessings to you and all your family!

  • rono1919 1 year ago

    Thanks. Tried to visit your site but t shows as temporarily unavailable.

  • Kerry F. 1 year ago

    Thank you for helping us English!  So appreciate you all.

  • vlinderliefhebber 1 year ago

    Thnx for the tip..
    Greatings from a sister in the Netherlands..

  • Diana Wesolowski 1 year ago

    How deep/tall is the pile on the carrots? 

  • LawnMower Gig 1 year ago

    I must say, this is fascinating. Thought the ground would 'freeze-out' plants from growing.

  • mainely homesteads 1 year ago

    Hi : ) Do you replant your strawberries every year using the roots or just fertilize?

  • Kevin “Masterofmanythings” Allan 1 year ago

    just found you and subbed! great info and thanx for sharing! i will assume this would work for potatoes or beats???

  • sally mastin 1 year ago

    that is wonderful. i may have to try this this year because my carrots are still very small.

  • EkonMaster Bud 1 year ago

    your good

  • Helen E 1 year ago

    I just found out about this (through the "Back to Eden" video), and before that I had no idea that you could have fresh vegetables in the garden in the winter! – and really nice to see it demonstrated! Thanks!. – Helen, Norway (northern Europe)

  • funkidelicFrank 1 year ago

    will they keep getting bigger over time?

  • Ladyshystar 1 year ago

    The reason that I asked is because I have a friend that did this with her potatoes. She went back for them and the critters had eaten half of the hill. I told her she must have done something wrong because people have been doing this for years with great success. Thanks Much.

  • BonnieBlue2A 1 year ago

    Good to know. Thank you for this great winter gardening tip.

  • cswhitmore 1 year ago

    I am curious if the carrots were planted in the early fall and then covered to overwinter or if these were carrots planted in the spring that you left in the ground for winter harvest?

  • Michelle's Crafts & More 1 year ago

    That is really cool. I love carrots and so do my grandkids. I will have to do this next year.

  • funkidelicFrank 1 year ago

    Do you just pile leaves (mulch) over the entire carrot plant? Do you need to keep the foliage exposed or just pile right over them? I have a patch of carrots I planted in August. they are very small still (in December), should I just leave them in the ground till they get full size? 

  • seadooman o 1 year ago

    yes follow directions

  • richard collins 1 year ago

    I'm having trouble with white flys I'm trying neem oil and spraying them with water is there anything else I can try?

  • Kauai Palama 1 year ago

    why are you always "screaming" at the camera. its like your always losing your voice.

  • Dennis Woods 1 year ago

    I'm just getting started with the gardening. I know this an old vid from you but wanted to let you know your efforts from a few years ago are still reaching people that really benefit from it ! Thank you for your effort and passion to help people educate there self.

  • Jonathan Avila 1 year ago

    When are the shirts going to be shipped out?

  • Pippi Elvesse Bernstein 1 year ago

    Wow! Smart gardener looks like my future best friend! I am totally the Insecure Gardner, so thanks a lot for the inspirations! You're the best!

  • seadooman o 1 year ago

    neehm oil works in a few days 100percent

  • nobody 1 year ago

    sounds like a TSN host gone horticulture lol Any louder and he'd crack the damn ceramic :p

  • MissDaisyLolita 1 year ago


  • Avsje A 1 year ago

    Where can I purchase the Phytol, stage 1?

  • Avsje A 1 year ago

    I just noticed white flies on my squash leaves! I will purchase the Insect Frass right away.

  • iersejounge 1 year ago

    thanks for all your great videos. real appreciate you time and energy. im about to buy a small holding near the beach in southern ireland. cant wait.

  • Joycez Punjoz 1 year ago

    It's difficult to tell them apart, but mine is serrated so I suppose it's not marjoram.

  • Jin Snow (Jin mizushima) 1 year ago

    I dont know if it is your natural way of talking or you just like to shout so much

  • alpfaable 1 year ago

    too much bud too much wew

  • jessiep02 1 year ago

    has anyone tried the frass and had it work?  I cant spray all the time because I go out of town a lot.  Also, will this work on Apple trees?

  • Lisa Thibodeau 1 year ago

    Tried almost everything natural for whiteflies. They got in my greenhouse on my pepper plants. Bronners peppermint with neem, water blasts daily, and I even released 1500 lady bugs. Nothing phased them. I grew in worm casing and used the bug frass but they didn't mind one bit. Next year I'm gonna reverse the fan and blow air in creating positive pressure. Now that the plants are spent I'm gonna experiment.


  • U WUT M8? 1 year ago

    or use soap and water