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This complete container gardening video can help you become more self sufficient even with a small property or bad soil… even gardening on a patio. We will cover size and type of containers and pots, watering your vegetables in containers, fertilizing, how to plant vegetables in containers, money saving hacks for compost and potting mix and dividing root bound plants. How to grow tomatoes in containers is covered as well as how to grow potatoes in containers, corn in containers and much more! Related Video Links Strawberry Rain Gutter : Potato Video: Tomato in Bucket: Making Teepee Trellises: Sweet potato: Product Links CaliKim Small Space Kitchen Garden Seed Collection: CaliKim Purple Smart Pots: Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Kelp Fertilizer: Is your plastic food safe?? Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCreating a self sufficient small garden….very important.Container Gardening – How to Grow Vegetables in PotsTerrace Gardening // best winter vegetables grow in containers (In Hindi) / Village Roof gardenHow to start a Container Garden from Seed Easy! STEP by STEP grow vegetables plant organicbest vegetables grow in containers || गमलों में सब्जियां उगाना6 Climbing and Vining Vegetables You Can Grow In Containers

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  • Andreas Lam KK 3 weeks ago


  • Sandra Vega 3 weeks ago

    What plant is that behind you. The one with the upside down bell flowers

  • carrie Brownley 3 weeks ago

    Need help with my Myer Lemon tree. Any videos for Lemon tree care?

  • Melissa McConnell 3 weeks ago

    I'm learning so much from your videos, even being in Minneapolis, MN. We moved to our house in February, so nearly everything is container this year. But I'm using your videos to help plan the permanent raised beds we'll be putting in this fall for next year's planting. The way to fill the beds with recycling and organics is wonderful news, I was dreading the price of soil. Thank you for all the info and guidance !

  • Are You Coherent 3 weeks ago

    Did you put holes in the bottom of the buckets?

  • Weather Is Fun 3 weeks ago

    How is that plant with yellow flowers behind you in the intro called?

  • yolanda enad 3 weeks ago

    woow very nice sir what u are doing
    hi sir pls bisit to my house already fines me I go the house u okay thank u sir?

  • Marilyn Erdei 3 weeks ago

    The video did not mention drainage. What do you do with the Home Depot buckets for drainage?

  • leftyla 3 weeks ago

    Can you divide an older rosemary in a container? The bottom branches are really woody. I'm afraid to kill it.

  • Darlene Schumaker 3 weeks ago

    This is the first year that I’m growing things . Our dirt is poor and rocky in Kentucky. So I have lots of containers in the ‘flower beds around my house. I’m using the bags that my dirt came in for my corn crops. In the front of the house, we cut an old leaking well bladder in half and I’ve got 3 cucumber plants doing well. In the other I’m trying a green pepper. Everything has a companion plant, lots of marigolds, Basil, mint, parsley. It fun to watch everything grow from the seedling stages or small plants into bigger more maturing plants. I check nearly everyday, to water, or check for bugs or mildew problems. I learn so many great ideas from watching your videos. You have a wonderful program and a delightful garden area. Thank you!

  • Sue Brand 3 weeks ago

    Question…Do you put draining holes in the metal pots?

  • Denise Brady 3 weeks ago

    Why has everyone taken up Gardening & growing their own veges just because of Lock Down- sorry but we, all over the world, should have been growing fresh produce all along & not relying on Supermarkets etc.
    Love your videos as I have been growing for many ears but have been learning lots of new hints Thanks. Cheers Denise- Australia

  • Ellen Crimi-Trent- Artist 3 weeks ago

    Do any of your containers have holes on the bottom?

  • Athena K Delmontie 3 weeks ago

    You've given me hope for growng corn again. It's too late to plant it this year but your tips and advice make sense. Will do it next year. Thanks!

  • Nono Nono 3 weeks ago

    If you want a high raised bed for practical reasons, you could use the underside as storage.

  • Cathy Brown 3 weeks ago

    Instead of the #1 plastic bottles can't we use pebbles/ stones?

  • Daniela Martins 3 weeks ago

    Why wouldn't you encourage the use of compost even if you yourself prefer to buy expensive soil in huge plastic bags? It's a no-brainer on every level.

  • Frank Grimes 3 weeks ago

    So many gardening videos from California. Give me a break. Try growing in zone 5 then start giving advice. Anything grows easily in California.

  • Just Makin' Do Farms 3 weeks ago

    You have a great channel, thanks for sharing. I do a little bit of gardening also, check me out sometime. Thanks and have a great day.