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  • rcacad 1 year ago

    how does it spray with all the roots inside there? Aeroponics is for getting them started and putting them in there own bucket later.

  • Mike Kleinsteuber 1 year ago

    Waste of time video with shit music

  • kegs gibs 1 year ago

    why no sh ow flowering?

  • Mr420smoke4 1 year ago

    Dont do it waist of time

  • TheApocalypsePals 1 year ago

    Was this recorded with a toaster?

  • newkindofcrazy 1 year ago

    Song is boss. what do these people want, Let The bodies Hit The Floor? I used to listen to ska-p all the time

  • Danny Roman 1 year ago

    cannabis ,cannabis legalizacion ! cool song i want it…whats it called?

  • homegrowntwinkie 1 year ago

    You should show how you go from germination of a seed to growing in hydroponics. 🙂

  • TheEarPlugs 1 year ago



  • Slow Release 1 year ago

    Songs so annoying

  • Beatster81 1 year ago

    @chriskill86 where is your set up.. and your plants? oh thats right.. you aint got no videos haha

  • powermetalfreak81 1 year ago

    Cool mudic!! 😛

  • telx2010 1 year ago

    Muy bueno, gracias

  • gekkoization 1 year ago

    @gekkoization its Manu and he`s family is from France. He lives in Barcelona. Always lots of confusion about where hes from

  • Roberto Campoverde 1 year ago

    its not manu chao, its ska-p , and mano was born in france

  • Konggrats Grats 1 year ago

    Oh – and the guide is also available on youtube in like 200+ videos.

  • Chris Kill 1 year ago

    shitty setup

  • Nous MC 1 year ago

    @gekkoization no, its SKA-P

  • gekkoization 1 year ago

    Its Manu Chao from Spain,great music

  • benny ruff 1 year ago

    do you have a air pump in the cloner to turn the water for the fertlizers. most of my fertlizers stay at the bottom and its good to air-rade it to