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This video shows how to move your cloned plants into a Hydroponic DWC.
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How To Grow Tomatoes At Home – Best Growing Tomatoes

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  • itscorcor

    lol 2:20,

  • bobisme2005

    Aaaalriight? cool you made measurements just to measure it? now tell us why
    you did this and what happens if its not correct and what the correct
    measurements need to be…..?

  • mattbart90

    the lights you have are fairly pricey themselves and with the power bill on
    top of that why dont you just have your dwc setup outside

  • Jonathan Jesperson

    The more the air-stones the better (within reason). When I start I have the
    water line about 1/4 inch above the bottom of the net pot. Once the roots
    get established and hang down I keep the water level about 2 inches below
    the net pot.

  • Jonathan Jesperson

    Pump volume is usually measured in gph (gallons per hour). I have added
    some rails to the system in this video (I will be doing another video
    shortly on them) and have purchased another air pump because my other one
    went out. This time I purchase one that was 1000 gph on Ebay. It was only
    about $50. I am planning on using 2 airs tones in the reservoir and 4 in
    the rails (on in each rail) and have them powered by this one pump. This
    should be plenty.

  • Jonathan Jesperson

    I have put together a video of a cloner bucket that I built. Look at my
    other videos to see if you can find it. I think the video was blocked
    because I put copyrighted music on it. I am trying to change the music so
    that it doesn’t get blocked.

  • Juanita T. Wilson

    Thanks a lot for the video. I also have the thorough step-by-step video
    directions on how to grow your very own homemade Aquaponic system. Its
    really easy that even your granny can do it! Look into here for more

  • bhut jolokia

    Hey cool vid!! checkout this little time lapse of the first three weeks of
    bieng in the Greehouse now two weeks later they are twice the size!! Flood
    and drain Octagons

  • DJMovit

    Does the power company love you for running those lights? LOL Is it cost
    effective for those lights? I guess that’s a spare tub you are using for
    the setup to sit in.

  • andy potter

    you want golf ball air stones i have the one u use( wall of bubbles) and i
    replaced them with the golf ball ones huge volume of bubbles

  • Jonathan Jesperson

    It depends on the strength of the air pump. There are weak ones that you
    can buy at pet stores or strong professional ones that you may be able to
    get at some pet stores, but are cheap online. In this video I was using a
    weak air pump. I have since upgraded to one that is rated to about 700 gph.
    I ran 4 air stones off of this pump with great success as evidenced by much
    improved root and plant health later on.

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