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2nd season with my strawberry tower. I show you how I get my system up & running & how i transplant my strawberry plants into my hydroponic system. I also answer a few question & show you the new hydroponic nutrient that i’ll be using this year. Easy home made Vertical Hydroponic system. This is a great way to grow food in a small area. Q&A at the end of the video. A major concern for people today is loss of electricity. If you are running a hydroponic system with air and water pumps, this can be a serious problem. Even with solar backup, it’s not easily dealt with. It would be nice to find a way to grow leafy vegetables in a hydroponic setup without any concern for the power going out, in a true off-grid manner. Plus, with no need for pumps, it would be a lot less expensive. There is a way to do accomplish this goal. It is called the Kratky method, developed by a professor from the Univ. of Hawaii. He found a setup that would allow you to grow the plants in a static nutrient solution without the need for aeration. I am testing Mr Kratky’s method and have learned a couple of things that that will help in the future. First off, it does work…and very well. It is so simple, just set it and forget it. But, for each setup, you need to be consistent in what you grow. Not all plants grow at the same rate, and if you’re not careful, the faster growing plants will consume the water and the slow growing plants will be left hanging. I saw this first hand. The traditional floating raft with aeration has worked excellent as well. Swiss Chard, Arugula, Tatsoi Asian Greens…. […]

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  • Solar Service Guy 1 year ago

    Love this, i see Strawberries plants have gone up! $3.98 for 6 pack here. If you ever think about doing solar hook up I'm working on a system that I just test today that worked great, see soon.

  • Chaney Gierhart 1 year ago

    Use PVC glue on the fittings, use a fernco gem cap instead of the clean out cap, and use fernco unions when joining pipe like your drain into the tote. This will stop every leak you could have.

  • Neorott 1 year ago

    The whole system needs to be painted white to avoid over heating, especially your reservoir. I'm not a fan of one size fits all fertilizers. It's important to get the right N-P-K for each plant type on the system. mhpgardener's channel has an excellent video on explaining fertilizer mixes in a hydro system.

    Personally, I buy my nutrients from a couple places, for the calcium-nitrate and trace element mix (depending on the plant type). And the Epson salt (magnesium sulfate) from any grocery store.

  • Indoor Hydroponix 1 year ago

    Over s quarter million views. That's big boy stuff. I bow to you!

  • HydroMan Sam 1 year ago

    Good vid i guess, however you didnt grow anything , all you did was change the medium on mature plants…Thats not really growing, thats just transplanting.

  • Kyle Homan 1 year ago

    great vid dude

  • Victor delosAngeles Jr (Mr. Pimpmytattoo) 1 year ago

    sharing a new feature to hydroponics design.. Please go watch ank like if its something that will be of use to you all… thank you..

  • SuperExtremeLiving "Gardening and Stuff" 1 year ago

    Nice … :)

  • Chong 1 year ago

    do you find that the water temp gets too high in the summer months ? I have a simular system but I had to run the hose into my house with ac

  • Martin Brenmann 1 year ago

    How much money did you spend on electricity a year?

  • namvet Anke 1 year ago

    You may be able to use cheap sponges as well for a root system, and you might look into an Ozone generator to eliminate bacteria from your system eliminating the need to change out the water. just and idea is all. Ozone generators have been used to keep swimming pools clean. Sponges can be rinsed and used a second time(possibly more) saving money on root mediums.

  • Ps4 all the way 1 year ago

    Plz replay did u get strawberries

  • Martin Brenmann 1 year ago

    Can you use compost instead of lava rocks as well?

  • Martin Brenmann 1 year ago

    Do you sell your straberries at a farmers market? What is the yield of strawberries? What strawberry varriety do you use? Can you use any?

  • Martin Brenmann 1 year ago

    Do you run the pump continuously for 24h?

  • Revolutionary Socialist 1 year ago

    Why do you need to change the water every 2 weeks? Also with a smaller guage tube and filters could you not keep the soil in the tube along with the plant {I know it'd drain slower so I'd need to do my maths there} thereby keeping nutrints in and getting around the need to feed the plants from a bag??

  • Mohammed ALTalhi 1 year ago
  • dymondwillow2 1 year ago

    what is nft?

  • Samwel Mwampale 1 year ago

    thanks for your video me and my wife we get benefity asant

  • jhon milton 1 year ago

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    thank you very much.

  • Terinigan 1 year ago

    Absolutely the best explanation of the Kratky method that I've been able to find. Great job!

  • Leslie Charles 1 year ago

    This is LESLIE again one more quick question does Kratky System need Green House or it can be done in open sky. and question about Dutch bucket ,Can that also have to be in Green house. Pl reply thank you.

  • Leslie Charles 1 year ago

    You said for 30 days ,what about after 30 days.The rest well explained .Thank you so much.

  • spartahitman 1 year ago

    nice kratky system, can a cilantro succeed on a kratky?? what is the ppm formula for cilantro on a kratky?? tnx

  • niceslug 1 year ago

    can i ask someone, how do these methods get around the water temperature issue, if the water temp gets too warm the roots suffer

  • Mason Ball 1 year ago

    Home Boy, you fire me up!!! I am so excited about doing these projects. Thank you for the inspiration, first of all but the technical guidance is so much appreciated.

  • shanmatee reddick 1 year ago

    Very informative. I'm going to give the Kratky method a shot. Any to try leafy salad greens. Wonder if this would work for herbs?

  • Steve Waltzing 1 year ago

    Mind Blown

  • Eugene McGill 1 year ago

    Could you share with me the information on green fertilizer you used and what size net cups you used along with recommend spacing?

  • astrangeone 1 year ago

    Lol. That's a small scale? I'm working on a system using a cardboard box and a few nutrients to do so. (Not a fully hydroponic system – just the "double cup" one.)

    I'm going to try it out with a homemade version of the hydroponics for a few plants. Maybe a few peppers…

  • Mario Hemsley 1 year ago

    Had to go back and watch this again because it has so much information. I will probably end up watching it ten or more times! Will have to come back and post once my system is up and running. Thanks again, this was truly an excellent production, and the science involved was superb. Bravo!

  • Mario Hemsley 1 year ago

    Excellent! One of the best videos on this subject that I have watched. Thanks to you, I really learned a lot. Peace!

  • Aloha Miller 1 year ago

    Dr. Kratky began his floating raft system partly due to the outrageous electricity prices on the Big Island of Hawaii. Also, we have a serious rat lungworm disease infestation in 75% of the invasive snails and slugs so the Kratky system allows us to keep the snails out of the letttuce beds. No one grows lettuce on the ground here. There is a tweak to his system now. He uses a horse trough float to keep the water levels up so an aggressive plant can't overuse the water. The incoming water is premixed with the chemicals in a 55 gallon drum and gravity fed to the raft. All you have to do is make sure the 55 gallon drum doesn't go dry.

  • Daniel Zaman 1 year ago

    I gotta say man….your genuine love for gardening and overall friendly demeanor has earned you yet another subscription.
    -Horticultural student from University of Florida

  • Teresa Huffman 1 year ago

    Love all your garden videos. I am a science teacher and we are going to put in a small garden and "experiment" with it. We are going to try a lot of the ideas you show here. We are setting up Kratky method, a mittleider system and a organic square foot garden. We are in GA so it won't be long until we can plant. We are going to compare cost, production and availability among other things. Of course then we can use the veggies in Health class, big bonus. Thanks so much for all you do.

  • sunchaser w 1 year ago

    what is the nutrient solution content anyway?

  • Ronie M. Catadman 1 year ago

    great video, now I have an idea of my own to some veggies with this technique!

  • tom jens 1 year ago

    So krattky method is good because roots have air when the water goes down. And floating system does not have that air because it lays directly on the water all the time. So can we conclude that you actually do not need that air krattky method advocates? I am confused :)

  • tom jens 1 year ago

    how do you seed? directly in the net cup? What kind of "soil" in the net cup? thanks