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Here’s how you can create your own hydroponic system to germinate seedlings at home using simple materials and tools that you can find around the house. This video is produced as part of the Gardening with Edibles programme to guide your through your gardening journey – from planting the seeds to harvesting and cooking them in your kitchen. Nurture a love for gardening and join us in our journey to transform Singapore into a City in Nature. To learn more, visit Gardening with Edibles is brought to you by NParks, supported by the Garden City Fund and founding partners DBS and Tote Board. It is also supported by SFA as part of Singapore’s ’30 by 30′ goal. Follow NParks on social media! Facebook: Instagram: Telegram: Twitter: Website: Online Newsletter: For feedback, please submit at The info required will help us to tend to your query. Video Rating: / 5 Hydroponics is a tricky hobby and has many questions, but the first question that comes up is, How do I start seeds? Without any soil starting seeds can be tricky and a bit confusing, however this episode highlights 2 simple ways to do that. Related PostsHow to Germinate Seeds for Hydroponics | How to Grow Indoor PlantsHow To Germinate Cannabis Seeds in Rockwool Cubes for Hydroponics: Cannabasics #115HOW I GROW MY HOUSEPLANTS IN SEMI HYDROPONICS | LECAGrow Hydroponics with Re-circulating Compost Tea, Onsite recycle food waste into organic foodsEbb & Flow Hydroponics Timelapse Grow from an Autoflowering SeedBest Hydroponics Garden Kit For Beginners | Grow During Quarantine

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  • Eric Lemay 1 week ago

    Does this work for a plant like a Fern Asaparagus, indoors?

  • Pauline T 1 week ago

    What edible plants are suitable to be grown hydroponically?

  • Ai Lin Seah 1 week ago

    I did it the same way but a pity did germinate plant died shortly after now I spout on paper towel once spouted i move it to soil.

  • Francis Teo 1 week ago

    Can next episode do more on hydro pls.

    Like how to do our own nutrient. Or where to buy.. different between organic n inorganic hydro fert.

    Lights, EC PPM n etc…

  • Jane ZZZ 1 week ago

    Thanks for the video! Will this method work for tomatoes?

  • H F T 1 week ago

    Nice video on germinating seeds. Any videos on the next steps hydroponically?

  • llljjjyyyy 1 week ago

    does this works with herb seeds as well? thyme, basil etc

  • Bob Bob 1 week ago

    Rock wool is glass? I never knew. Now I know why it’s suggested to never handle dry. Dangerous for the lungs I’m sure.

  • Emma DIY 1 week ago

    Just bought my first indoor hydroponic it's not big but can't wait to try it out thanks for the tips and ideas

  • Joe Lack 1 week ago

    Luke i try everything and different brands of spinach and still that is one vegetable I cant grow hydroponic so what do I do

  • Maria Carmella 1 week ago

    You say the seeds do better growing in darkness, and you have a heat mat for heat – why do you use a gro lite? Doesn’t that make the seeds hot and in direct light?

  • antoonv 1 week ago

    MIgardner, I've heard some folks say to grow the seedling in a dark damp area, will that work when there is no light till it spouts?

  • Indigo-Angel Productions 1 week ago

    OMG @5:51 you start to talk about the seed planting.. wtf dude you talk a lot.. lol

  • Just a Girl Looking Up 1 week ago

    I start seeds indoors and transplants outside. Ive been wanting to try soilless starters but wondering what nutrition solution do you use? Do you start only in this solution or added water?

  • Rudolf Jones 1 week ago

    Can you use the petrie dish method for the smaller seeds as well, or do you have to use the rockwool?

  • Cannabis Chemist 1 week ago

    Wow this dude didn't hit you with anything

  • Fuckd Youd 1 week ago

    14 minutes for info thats readily available. Was hoping youd actually have some insight. Really sick of these 1000 hydroponic how to videos that just make mountains out of mole hills. How can you take germination- and complicate it into a 14 minute video
    Dont listen to this guy, read a biology book, read the practical soilless guide by J. Benton jones jr. This is incomplete and full of opinions

  • v alexander 1 week ago

    When they sprout do you take the seeds out of the starter cubes or move them to your hydroponic set up?

  • Shifaz Mohamed 1 week ago

    Some other people say we should germinate in the dark, and only expose to light once we see the true leaves

  • Robert Reznik 1 week ago

    Do plant seeds understand the difference in the nutrients you used or those taken from a chemistry lab ?

  • Thelca gibbs dick 1 week ago

    thanks cse I was concerned about the cost. We do not hv rockwool in Trinidad or it may b very expensive.

  • FlashToso 1 week ago

    what size are your petri dishes, 2 oz etc?

  • Khalid Abdulrahman 1 week ago

    how do you prepare the growing solution ? what does it include?

  • Video starts at 7:10

  • Hassan Safwan 1 week ago

    Can we grow money plant using kratky method?

  • Prophetic Insights 1 week ago

    What size in ounces are the jello shot cups you are using? They sell many sizes. Great video. Thank you so much!