This is video I discuss Rosemary, a brilliant herb with so many uses. Roast your lamb one a bed of this, or your potatoes in olive oil with garlic and rosemary – just divine. We use loads of this herb its very versatile.

What’s your favourite recipe for it?

Ten Minute Gardener

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Having a garden is truly wonderful. I highly recommend it as a hobby and way of life. The current health crisis has renewed interest in gardening. Starting a garden today will reward you later in the year in so many different ways. Start your new hobby slowly, thoughtfully, learn, experiment, spend little and enjoy it. Gardens take time to give back.

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  • Yogabish

    I’ve come to gardening in a very backwards way. I started to hate the idea of putting veggie scraps in the garbage where, in a landfill, they’ll never break down. I came across vermicomposting and went for it. Now, knowing I’ll have great worm castings, I decided I didn’t want to put it to waste so I’d try to grow some stuff. I’m a bit off from having castings, but working the learning curve in the meantime with some veggies. I enjoy your content!!!

  • Shelm Mii

    I've been trying to garden for 3 years now with tons of failures. Actually more failures than rewards (because of neglect, you can do much better than I did). I still insist on growing every single new season. My chickens ate my garden one season which was funny cause I was fully expecting them to be past control, but they became the pests lol. This year will be different though because I can do it all correctly and without neglect.

  • Ansel Loves to Grow Organically

    Another great video – I started with a single marigold and just watched it grow, I was hooked – Think folks for sure should start with easy vegetables such as radish number one, lettuce, beans – those three don’t require as much work as say tomatoes – add in some peas and spinach and how about chard – color in the garden ….. Whatever you start with hope it is a success as success breeds success but never give up, gardening is a big experiment.

  • Jennifer Cappi Williams

    Wow, you just had frost. I am on the coast of Georgia and I would be in a PANIC right now if I had to start later than I did to get plants in. I started in the end of Feb. and I keep thinking I am too late to put more seeds in starter pots now (but I am)

  • Penelope Hall

    Thank you so much for this. I've been watching your videos for a couple of weeks now and this was the one that I really took to heart. I am a novice gardener. So much of a novice that I am proud as all heck that the rose bush that I planted 10 years ago is still alive. I've managed to kill hosta! But with the help of your videos and your knowledge, I've been able to plant some actual vegetables. I did buy some spinach and romaine plants that have already begun to feed me, and I was so tickled pink. Every couple of days I get to go out to the little container garden I've created and pinch off my salad greens. Your garden is the kind of garden that I aspire to have someday for both my physical and mental health.

    Thank you for the time that you put into educating us. It is beyond appreciated. <3

  • Yee Vita

    You have to try growing different plants in different ways to figure out what you like and what works for your climate. I know for here, I always have green onions, garlic, chives, various other herbs, beet greens, peas, lambsquarters, amaranth, lettuce, asparagus, artichokes, kale, etc at various times of the year, because I have them naturalized in my beds and pots. I also know I can have sprouts any week I want some. But all this took many years to settle in. Peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants can grow well here, but I have to help them along. It does take time to figure it out. Keep reading and watching other gardeners. Once your eyes are open, you will see there are many ways to get a bit of food quite cheaply.

  • Dieynaba Diop

    So happy I found your channel! I’m in zone 7b (NYC) and I just started my peppers, tomatoes, basil and melons yesterday because the seeds took forever to get delivered. Is it too late? Any tips or tricks to get them out in time?
    Also, is it too late to sow peas?

  • Susan Pritchard

    I really liked this video, as you encouraged learning and having fun. I finally have the time to garden, and needed this advice. I have been watching your videos: got seedlings in the kitchen garden window, container garden started, and am sure glad to get the expertise knowledge.

  • DopaSuperNova aka The Badd Baker

    Hello! New subscriber here who is a gardener and Chef. I stumbled upon your channel and plan on binge watching. I appreciate your knowledge and I am excited to begin my garden tomorrow. Later start but not quite too late. Be well <3

  • Missy76

    I agree with you! I’ve been working on the skill for over 5 yrs and still know very little. It is a stress reliever and every year it gets a little better! Thanks!

  • Tatiana Enders

    Thank you, Gary! This is showing the reality of gardening. People who have never gardened before don't have much of an idea of how long things take and how things grow. It is certainly a process to get to the point of being at least partially self-sufficient – between building beds, learning about plants, soil, etc. and also learning to adapt your lifestyle and eating habits to rely on the garden food.

  • Agri is Me

    Great video, i do agree with you, garden takes a lot of works, but it is very enjoyable, especially in Indonesia.
    Nice video, i would like to learn from you, to be sufficient in food.

    Warm Greeting from Indonesia.