If you have ever wondered how to grow pumpkins vertically, Kevin from Hapayu Gardening is here to show you his DIY pumpkin trellis and how we grows pumpkins on his deck.

If you want to grow your own pumpkins, Kevin from Hapayu Gardening is here help this summer. Past episodes from his “How to Grow Pumpkins” series:
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How to Grow Pumpkins on a Trellis – How to Grow Pumpkins – Summer 2017, Episode 6

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  • Lazara Black

    Nice garden and setup. What type of tree with white flowers in the beginning of your video? Thank you for showing the hammock use of protecting the pumpkin. 🙂

  • Lauren Romero

    Do you get Gopher problems with your pumpkins??

    I already planted a pumpkin an it is in my ground, without taking into account we have Rabbits an gophers.. first time doing this. Was hoping on some advice?

    We are in Zone 9

  • Bill Butler

    I planted small backyard gardens, Sacramento area, back in the late 70s, student years. Corn, greenbeans climbing the corn, onions, garlic. lots of tomatoes, cukes. and we trellised the cantaloupe on the back fence. Worked out well, used our daughter's cloth diapers as slings. Just a couple of city kids making it up as we went along (with some research). No gardens since '81. This year I did some pumpkins, Central Calif., Tulare Co., for the toddler grandkids, did fine, got 6 ranging from 4 to 30 lbs. I'll try again for the kids this year. They have a ball helping to water.

  • Joan Blight

    Hi Kevin
    I am growing my pumpkin in a very large pot on the grass and on a large trellis up my backyard fence. I have only been successful in growing just one pumpkin on there this year and one last year. All the baby fruit keep dying. Is this because none of the trellis goes back down into the soil?

  • Robin Byrd

    I really appreciate you pumpkin videos …this is my first time growing pumpkins and I am so excited about them your videos have been very helpful

  • The Convergence

    good stuff bro. love your info…wish u could help me with mine over here in Cali. question…why do you only have netting on one side of the trellis? wouldn't it be better to have both sides netted so the Pumpkins can grow on both sides and take up even less room?…

  • TimeforaChange InGovernment

    Would you have any suggestions for moving container pumpkin & butternut vines long distances? Found huge pumpkin & butternut plants, & want to put into container, to move over 1,000 mi.
    Thanx for vid

  • Rylee Dinelle

    Thank you for this video! So many good tips and ideas. I'm growing tiny sugar pumpkins for the first time and I really want it to go well.

  • rodney adams

    good vedio. i little worried got such big verities go up trellises. If was jack be little, pie punkin. or even basketball size jack lantern verities. tie bag around punkin and tie to trellises help hold up. anything get over 50 pounds. witch kind metioned if did all crazy thing big punkiness grow do could get 1,500 pounds or even more. i see vedioes stud tee pee with momterized witch to pick thing up just get in truck bed.

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