Here’s how to grow peanuts. They are one of the most fun things I’ve ever grown.

My video about making peanut butter with my wheat grinder:

Further information about growing peanuts in northern climates:

Man growing peanuts in Nova Scotia:

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So just how do peanuts grow? I was pretty surprised! I hope you enjoy this how to and yummy peanut brittle recipe (and can we please have a thumbs up for my cousins EPIC rainbow loom cuff?). Warning: innuendos are tricky to avoid!

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How to Grow Peanuts

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  • jessica kiefer

    I live in the South and peanuts are still a pain to grow….they are a picky plant!!!!  When you explained about your soil and where you are I thought, heaven help you!!! LOL …A helpful tip for growing peanuts….I always put my rows side by side with 2 feet between(easier for the tiller)…then 1 week before I plant peanuts I fertilize the soil with a triple 13 fertilizer and till it in…..That helps them produce a lot more nuts…do it again down the center of the row when the plant just starts to flower(before the runners) and hill the plant….you have to do peanuts just like potatoes…. Make a mound around the plant for the plant to make.   That is what my grandfather always said so, I do it that way.  I think you will grow a lot more peanuts, per plant, if you hill them and make sure to fertilize often!!!….I get about 150 peanuts per plant(before opening the shell)  we boil them in salt water(rock salt and boil to taste then drain the water) or Cajun spices instead of drying them…they freeze good when boiled.   Hope this helps!!!  Good luck this year!!!!!

  • storminnormanz

    I love how people get mad and criticize you when all you did was make a video trying to help people, its like they think you have to make videos for them. If they don't like it they don't have to watch but I think your doing a good job

  • Shelita Williams

    Hi pretty lady! Awesome video very informative, I look forward to growing some peanuts this year! your garden looks beautiful very organized! I'm looking at your trellis for your beans! and it looks awesome do you have a tutorial on that? Also I was gonna do the string method for my tomatoes have you ever tried this one, I see your have the panel, it's a lot more expensive so I wanted to see if the string work?

  • truvelocity

    Just googled and stumbled upon your video because I want to grow some peanuts. I have a small space, but I utilize it well. I know just growing about 12 plants will be enough on my property. Thanks so much.

  • Carol Smith

    Hi, just watched your Great Video on peanuts.  Just wanted to make a comment.  You had said that you didn't treat your peanuts with rhizomes.  Well, I am thinking that they were already treated since they were bought in the store.  The previous farmer must have treated his crops so you bought peanuts from his treated soil.  What do you think ?Also, I watch your canning or dehydrating videos all the time.  They are an inspiration.  What a garden you have !!  Wish I had the room – And your chickens – How Wonderful !!  Blessings, Carol

  • Sydney Doherty

    Great info. Thanks. I was really frustrated looking at your legs and not your face.
    Next video, be brave and share your face. Thanks.

  • GuitarRockinChick18

    Lol I loved this. I was curious while eating peanuts, went on a search, and found your video. Haha I love the feet in the video along with shoes as your avatar pic. Thanks for an awesome video!

  • Dan Fray

    Would be interested to see who a mango/avocado grows. Tried once or twice and they just went mouldy and were promptly thrown away! Maybe you will have more luck! Nice video! 

  • Alex Rdz (aalexrdz)

    Those are very interesting videos! I have some ideas for you, in case you would like to do a video about that.. most of us propably have no idea how cacao, cinnamon, or vanilla grows! Hope you like the ideas.
    and btw I made some peanut brittles and it was delicious! thanks for the recipe!

  • MusicNTempo

    I genuinely like these series, and I've always wondered how chocolate works. I know it's a bit out of league but all I know is that it starts from trees, but then what?

  • Ariel Bissett

    The innuendos. They were unavoidable.
    I actually super appreciated this.. how did I not know this?!

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