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Growing microgreens is a quick and simple crop when growing an indoor garden. They are expensive to buy in organic grocery stores, BUT they can be grown for pennies on your windowsill and harvested in just a few weeks. Scratch that garden itch this winter and grow indoors along with me! Download FREE growing guide “Grow 3 Vegetables in 6 Weeks”:  MY DIGITAL PRODUCTS -Garden Coloring Book -eBook “Growing 5 Warm Weather Vegetables Made Easy” Supplies for the Growing Your Indoor Garden Series: 1. Seeds/Fertilizer: (10% off with promo code -Microgreens & Sprouting Seed Kit -Red Streaks Mizuna Mustard Greens -Paris Cos Romaine Lettuce -Cherry Chadwick Tomato -Spacemaster Cucumber -Trifecta+ organic fertilizer 2. Ball Canning Jars (1 quart, regular mouth set of 12): 3. Plastic sprouting lid (wide mouth): 4. Ball Wide Mouth Canning Jar: 5. Solo 1 liter Hand Sprayer: DON’T MISS THESE RELATED VIDEOS: 1. How to Make an Indoor Grow Light Box: 2. Growing Your Fall Garden Series: SUBSCRIBE: WHERE TO FIND ME: Instagram: Facebook Page: Pinterest: Check out behind the scenes videos on CaliKim’s vlog Watch CaliKim on Carbon TV: FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Tomatoes and Cucumbers Indoors with Simple Grow Lights // Growing Your Indoor Garden #6How to Grow Microgreens INSIDE! // Indoor Garden #1Indoor Grow Room 5 – Growing Ripe Tomatoes Indoors!Cannabis Garden Growing Marijuana Indoors – Grow Update – Mr. Grow ItHow to build an Indoor Growing Hydroponic Rack for Microgreens and Culinary HerbsIndoor Plants : How to Grow a Vegetable Garden Indoors

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  • keep in mind nutrients aren't necessary unless you plan on growing past the point of seed leafs which is their tastiest and most nutritious stage.

  • green bastard 2 years ago

    nice vid Cali ! I'm in Michigan so it's still really cold. I used a seed mat and it really gets email going. still looking good , keep up the vids

  • Paula R L 2 years ago

    I'm still able to grow things outdoors in south Louisiana, but we had a few bad days of frost that wiped out almost everything. Getting started on my radish, mung bean and broccoli seed microgreens. So excited to add them to our meals!! Thanks for all the wonderful videos from you and your husband!

  • Vicki Coster 2 years ago

    I am new to your you tube entries. I have started my bean sprouts. I am using some leftover tuhl to cover the top it works wonderful with the rim. Yesterday I also planted some micro greens in pans that come with a plastic cover. I will be planting those every 2 days so I have a continuous supply. I will pick up some throw away bread plans to plant lettuce in to go with the micro greens and sprouts. I have also started some patio tomato plants from seed. I will eventually plant carrots and cucumber plants. I have a south facing patio door that has ample sun light pouring through. I live in a condo and our deck (on the south side) gets too much heat to grow anything on in the summer so will continue to grow indoors on shelves in front of the sliding doors. Thank you for all your you tube videos. They have been truly helpful.

  • milleniiumgirl67 2 years ago

    love that you're using MI Gardener seeds! Question…I want to try this with the ton of seeds I have, so need to know….are there ANY that you know I should avoid? Too bitter, not good for you, etc? Thanks!

  • Brett Kennedy 2 years ago

    Excellent video Kim

  • morningcoffee1111 2 years ago

    Did you make the harvest video?

  • Farmer Doug 2 years ago

    I use a grater with round holes to more evenly dispense the seeds, I use a small spoon full of seeds to feed the grater.
    I have read and followed the recommendation to keep seeds in the dark until they germinate, usually only a couple days.
    I try to plant varieties based on the germination times, giving the slower plants a head start.
    Since I don't have a good window for growing, I use a heating pad and LED natural light bulbs – 5000k to 6400k
    I have tried potting mix,coconut coir, growing pads, even just paper towels as a growing media. I prefer the coconut coir, but some plants grow best in the soil.

    I think the biggest challenge is watering, and remembering to check often!
    Can hardly wait to see your tomato and cucumber video
    Merry Christmas

  • Renita Meares 2 years ago

    So wanting to do this. My husband and I were just talking about growing some sprouts (broccoli, alfalfa, etc). The grocers in the small community we moved to don't offer them. We garden, so why not?! Your video was right in time!

  • Sandra 2 years ago

    i like your idea if i living on very cool zones..but i live in hot zone..i am 12/12/16, and we still warm whether same days.Zone 9 of course fell like 10 zone same times.i like it any time but the whether change very fast .

  • angel_es 2 years ago

    hello have you tried growing chia plants indoor? the way you inspire me alot and learn many things as a beginner:)

  • فاروق سعد محمود 2 years ago

    Thank you my Lady

  • RosieCheeks 2 years ago

    Well … I am getting my coffee ready for the show! Looking forward to see how Mary Jo fared out. My biggest question for Mary Jo, Are you ok? The Gardening Bug that now lives on your shoulders is looking very BIG! Do you still feel the BUG, and love it?
    Life is a Garden, Dig IT!

  • umair ahmed 2 years ago

    they look sooooooooooooooo good
    will definitely try

  • Shirley Jones 2 years ago

    I'll be with you

  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living 2 years ago

    In case you do an add-on video we included the Triticale seed for doing wheatgrass growing. This is a cut and come again "microgreen" that can grow back 6-10 times!!! And when juiced provides insane amounts of nutrients and is mega expensive in the store!

  • Minecraft hippo reborn 2 years ago

    Plant power

  • Joshua Sukhdeo 2 years ago

    what would happen if garlic plants
    pop out before frost would they come back in spring?