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Growing microgreens: It’s hard to grow good lettuces in the heat of summer – they dry out easily, and become hard and slightly bitter in taste. They grow best in spring and autumn, but if you are growing lettuce in summer it’s best to find a spot that gets some shade for part of the day. Microgreens are a good alternative any time but particularly when it’s hard to grow lettuces. Microgreens are ready in 10 days or less, they’re always tender and fresh and they’re jam-packed with nutrients. Choose a container that has lots of holes in the bottom for drainage. Fill the container with a good potting mix, to which we recommend you add seaweed fertiliser and rock dust. The more nutrients in the soil, the more nutrients there’ll be in your plants. That’s why microgreens are better for you than sprouts which are grown in just water. Buy your microgreen seeds in bulk from places like Kings Seeds. Keep them in the fridge at least 2 weeks before sowing to aid with germination. Sprinkle seeds thickly over the potting mix, and press down firmly. You can cover the seeds with a substrate like vermiculite but not potting mix. In fact we don’t recommend you use vermiculite with cress and rocket because it sticks to the seedlings. The seeds are perfectly fine with nothing over them. Water well, cover with a damp cloth, and put in a shady spot to germinate. Check the pots every day and water as necessary. Once germinated take the cloth off. Growing wheatgrass: Use a similar container as for microgreens and the same growing medium (see above). Purchase wheat seeds from the bulk bin in an organic store and remember to refrigerate them for two weeks before sowing. Sow seeds very thickly and […]

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  • Denrarehund 1 year ago

    omg.. this is amazing! Can it be done indoors? I live in an apartment in Denmark, and my window dont get directe sunlight.. Still possible?

  • AMRUT NIMBALE 1 year ago

    very good works

  • ‫باسله طه‬‎ 1 year ago

    بعد قصها هل تنمو مجددا

  • yesiownfrodo 1 year ago

    This did not work for me. Everything just molded. I think a better method is to sprout them first, then put them on the soil. I've seen that and I'm going to try that next.

  • Lazypig 1 year ago

    What do you do with the soil? Reuse it or?

  • Sherry B 1 year ago

    beautiful job! That's a lot of soil though. I grow mine in 1 inch of soil, a technique I learned at the optimal health institute in san Diego. Just as effective.

  • Ying Wang 1 year ago

    Love your video!!!What do you do with the soil after harvesting? Do you remove the top layer and plant another batch?

  • sture007 1 year ago

    Any difference between soaking wheatgrass and just putting them om top of the soil without pre-soaking?

  • Balkrishna Thakare 1 year ago

    which medium used for growing seeds

  • ulysses ravelo 1 year ago

    where can you buy microgreen seeds?

  • Mohsin Sheikh 1 year ago

    Good n Thx

  • Laarni Corocotchia 1 year ago

    Wooow this is what i have dreamed to have! edible greens and plants that look great on our houses. you're a great sensei!

  • Khang Starr 1 year ago

    Beautifully done and very well demonstrated. I don't understand how someone still manages to dislike this video.

  • amie thiam 1 year ago

    Should i soak my broccoli seeds?? or just leave them

  • Oneda Zinn 1 year ago

    will the sprouts regrow since you left some green in the cuttings? 🙂 thanks for the video.

  • brownwalrus 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing, I love your videos!

  • TechWizPC 1 year ago

    Can I use barley instead of wheatgrass? Also, what do you call that juicer?

  • # quaesitor 1 year ago

    i grew wheat grass nd it came out nice..but the now cress fungus has begun to show up..what is going wrong?:(..also could u do a video on spinach.

  • Sweet Shots 1 year ago

    Hello Organic Edible Garden.. Can u make of video on how you make your soil mix ,with the 3 measures of ingredients so I can get a idea on how much for each thanks….