How to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce and Pak Choy / Garden Hack / Hemp Grow Mat / DIY Hydroponics

How to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce and Pak Choy / DIY Hydroponics

Grow lettuce and pak choy with hydroponics. Cool pool noodle hack used instead of a hydroponic cloning collar.We also use pieces of a hemp grow mat to cushion the gentle sprouts.

Terrafibre Hemp Grow Mat:

EBook shows how to grow with non circulating hydroponics:

Garden Downspout Grow Box seen in my videos:

Hydroponic nutrients and other hard to find supplies:

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Tool I use to grow my channel:

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How to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce and Pak Choy / Garden Hack / Hemp Grow Mat / DIY Hydroponics

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  • Forage Forage

    The 4 legged critters, can easily crawl up wood and those concrete mason blocks.  So.. I used 15" tall buckets as the base. The slippery surface makes fairly difficult for them to climb. Not 100% effective, but pretty darn good – rofl.  Depending on the air temp where you're at.. it's possible the static nutrient fluids may evap too quickly.. (more so in summer)…so I used a much smaller hole (1") and placed a hole at the very end of the spouts, and put a cork in it. I could monitor fluid level and quickly refill if needed. Hobby Lobby sells corks in a bag.. pretty cheap…or hit your friends up to save them from their champagne or wine bottles.  You could also make a simple floating fluid level from a wooding skewer & piece of foam or cork.

  • xanadu1jw

    Great video! I’m glad I have some of those hemp things. So our 6-7 week drought finally broke with a torrential downpour yesterday and woke up to the three 18 gallon kratky containers overfilled even above the pool noodles holding up the plants. Now to get the nutrients right I don’t know if I should dump all bins totally out & start over with new solution or what? Temporarily I have dipped out enough into other bins I haven’t used yet so the plants don’t drown and hope to get advise what to do here. Oh and do I see Moringa growing in this video?

  • Simple Analyst

    Hi Mike. Been using your technique, with the cheap noodles, since I saw you use it. Been doing quite good. One thing I can suggest – at the start of your video you did the 2 cuts then tried to putting in the seedling – which, if you are anything like me, takes a lot of time as I have huge fingers. What I do now is, put the seedling in the complete pool noodle, hold the seedling with my left pointer finger and snip, snip the noodle before pushing in the cut piece to replace holding the seedling. Makes it a lot faster aiming for a bigger hole than trying to squeeze a seedling into a small space! Happy gardening

  • alarcon99

    Which direction is this set up facing? I would love to see a time progression of these as they grow and eventually get harvested.

  • marthale7

    Thanks for sharing. I have drilled more holes in my setup and only make them 1 inch in size, I then put cuttings with a node into these smaller holes, I have started cranberry hibiscuss, cuban orgeono, and sweet potatoes starts by putting them in. I have used fish water for nutrient and the plants are rooting llike crazy. So , smaller holes work great as well. Thank you for sharing.

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden

    Just does not get any easier then this! Those hemp mats look to be the trick buddy. Great idea on fooling that tree rat! Thanks for the info! Awesome job done my friend.

  • Todd McCabe

    I've been using my rockwool cubes in the center of the pool noodle since i have a bunch of them….. That works good also.

  • Grow Somethin' with Jeff

    Trying to get my basement garden going. Unfortunately life is getting in the way, wanted to have my lettuce started already but I want to video it and have not been up to it the last week. Soon though! Another great video. Thanks!

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