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Jeb would like to show you how to grow hydroponic broccoli and kale outdoors. Turn up the volume to properly appreciate excellent gardening and Handel’s Hallelujah chorus! Music is the public domain edition of Handel’s Hallelujah chorus from the YouTube audio library Related PostsTour of – Here We Grow – Hadley, MA Hydroponic Store (413) 584-FARMHydroponic gardening update how to tie off broccoli and cauliflowerGrowing Kale – A Complete Guide To Grow The Best Kale In Your GardenHydroponic Strawberries OutdoorsHydroponic Tomatoes Outdoors in Florida January 6th 2015Pi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls

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  • Boo TV 1 week ago

    Recon you could do a outdoor kale grow in the soil?

  • Alpha & Omega 1 week ago

    Love your music!!

  • anas jamjoom 1 week ago

    ماشاء الله good

  • Cornee 1 week ago

    Hello there, how do you figure out how much nutrients you need and what kind of nutrients to add ?

  • Mike Disher 1 week ago

    Nice I want some please!!!!!

  • Germaine Turnquest 1 week ago

    Hey Jeb, can you provide a link to those exact totes?

  • David Collins 1 week ago

    if you imagine biting rock wool, you get shivers all over your skin, try it

  • Erick Sosa 1 week ago

    You should do habanero chili

  • Wipop Suppipat 1 week ago

    Hey Jeb, how do you deal with chlorine in the water?

  • Tracy Whitaker 1 week ago

    Love the music Man!!! great video!

  • Kara Lovecraft 1 week ago

    What species of broccoli is that? Its beautiful!

  • Audrey Oswita 1 week ago

    Woaaa Thicc

  • Jess 1 week ago

    First time I have ever listened to something educational

  • Pandora Fox 1 week ago

    Nice broc. Mine have been giving me fits.

  • M5000 1 week ago

    I'm not even a gardening person but after watching this channel I've considered starting a hydroponics project.

  • HeldThread 1 week ago

    Again,fantastic video!

  • That music suits this video better than any I have seen! Good Job!

  • Suresh Kumar Mohan 1 week ago

    hi, i am having a small farm for kale, i need to know the nutrient solution for making kale hydroponically. pls

  • roenie 1 week ago

    what are the numbers under masterblend tomato at 2:33?

  • MadWoots is Spooky 1 week ago

    what type of kale is that