Added by on 2017-10-05 Though my white widows were unable to make it, I’m already seeing excellent vegetative growth from the seeds I planted just this last week. The back left plant actually sprouted within 48 hours of planting it, which makes me realize waiting a week or more for the seed to sprout means there is a dire problem. I just got done planting 2 more seeds a couple days ago, so the hydro system will have 6 plants again. I plan to grow the newest seeds a couple weeks then switch my grow to flowering phase. This is so I can identify the gender of my plants and cut out any of the males before I start setting up my plants in the ScroG. I’ve never done this before, but I read that it shouldn’t be a problem if I only switch to a flowering light cycle for a temporary amount of time. Then I can switch back to vegetative and begin filling up the ScroG again with confidence that I only have females. – Equipment Links – Hydroponic System – Bubbleponics Stealth Hydro: Amazon: Lighting System Components Digital Ballast – Magnetic Ballast – Light Reflector/Hood – High Pressure Sodium Bulbs – Metal Halide Bulbs – Nutrients – General Hydroponics – pH Buffers – General Hydroponics – pH Meter – Milwaukee PH600 – Root Treatment – Cannazym – Water Filter – Aquasana – Seeds – Nirvana – Note — By clicking the links above, you will be directed to where you can buy the same equipment and supplies that I use. You can also purchase alternatives to what I use if you think there is a better option for you. Either way, when you do this, a portion […]

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  • Matthew Blackburn 1 year ago

    i have 2 seedlings in rockwool sprout about 2 inches high when should i put them in the hydro setup? thanks man.

  • grant Cash 1 year ago
  • river side 1 year ago

    I like it man its nice and keep growing

  • ron hill 1 year ago

    This is my first time grow and I want to know how long do the vegetation stage tank 5week or more let me know

  • GamingwithDelta The best 1 year ago

    Why are people making fun of how he talks. Are you all fucking 5 or something?

  • Alex Simmons 1 year ago

    You are a terrible grower plez leave growing to the real growers

  • Linda Smith 1 year ago

    your plant is really looking good great job we cant all grow like a pro we have to crawl before we can walk and I have found so many people on u-tube give u some but not all u need to know on how to grow and then the rest u have to figure out by trial and error. I lost 3 of the free seeds when I germinated the one that is growing now so I decided to germinate them in a paper towel verses the rock wool cubes 1 out of 4 is not a good success rate also I don't want any of my white widow or whit rhino or my church to fail so I'm doing it how I know they will germinate. So did u have a video of your plant im sure she is grown now?

  • Joe Govea 1 year ago

    How long do u have to wait to smoke them

  • Joe Govea 1 year ago
  • billrock12 1 year ago

    If you're having troubles with your plants or just wanna learn more, youtube "Jorge Cervantes" this guy is a God to growing 😉

  • THC Digest 1 year ago

    Every day I do

  • THC Digest 1 year ago

    haha appreciate it, but it doesn't bother me, I've grown accustomed to ignorance

  • Jayar Feliciano 1 year ago

    keep smoking weed

  • THC Digest 1 year ago

    Lol ur life bro lol

  • Jachai Edwards 1 year ago

    Lol ur voice bro lol

  • THC Digest 1 year ago

    Yes it's ideal to have the light closer if possible, but I don't have an adjustable chain so it's a lot of trouble to change the height.

  • THC Digest 1 year ago

    I do have fans blowing on them most of the time, just not during the videos because I put them where I am standing during filming.

  • THC Digest 1 year ago

    Thanks friend and yes you have to copy nature as best you can, and improve upon it where possible — provide better light exposure, better nutrient access, etc.

  • Charles Morey 1 year ago

    Every little bit that you can do will help. You gotta be mother nature in a sense. Those plants are your babies and its up to you to provide optimal conditions. Light; co2; nutrients water not too much not too little. Anyway you live and learn youll do great just like you said you gotta take your losses and move on. Great videos.

  • Charles Morey 1 year ago

    Eveything is a learning process. To my knowledge its better to plant the seed about half a digit on your finger. The roots and seed pod will naturally grow apart and as soon as the seed pod falls off those starter leaves need light. One other thing if you have fans going towards your plants it would make your staulks way stronger. Remember your not only trying to grow your ttrying to mimic the the sun the outdoors and mother nature. Just an idea I think fans even on low would be a great help.