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How to grow grapes in containers and pots.

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  • il fenomeno

    Hi awseome video,
    I recently bought some grape vine from my local gareen centre which I intend to have for desert grape, roots with a height of about 35 cm but it seems to small pots for the size I recon about 3l pot
    I was thinking to put them in a larger pots.
    Can u give me some advice on what exactly compost and soil to buy ,and what feeder and what size pot ideal.thanks

  • lyonheart84 exotic fruit growing

    I see you were suffering the high winds as well Dan. That citrus is seriously loaded with flowers now, looks amazing. We had our first heavy rain shower this afternoon for almost a month

  • redfraggle77

    Putting my grapes into pots tomorrow, after researching the choice of variety based on your advice. Thank you, I’ll let you know if Chateaux Cohen produces a vintage year!

  • Vox in Tenebris

    I haven't tried growing a vine in a container, but it will have to be tried! Living in a terraced house, I am unable to plant wherever I like as neighbours are fearful of trees and vines, given their impact on foundations. My Boskoop Glory vine is thriving, this its first spring. Despite losing its top, it is still laden with bunches and making good progress. My Rhea and Vanessa are struggling, have barely put on any growth. All vines are outside on raised ground, facing the morning sun. I am growing all vines espalier style, although the new ones are nowhere near being tied in to a framework yet. I will find out if growing vines is viable, when the bunches mature – that is if they achieve that within our shorter season here. Pretty fresh in the South East today Dan! Last night here, it was only 6 degrees in the greenhouse. Unstable weather patterns are so destructive.