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  • Sejal Macwan 6 months ago

    Hi Bhavna, are you using whole coriandar (akha dhana) as seeds ?

  • simmavishnu p 6 months ago

    where do you guys live ? we live in Canada. i don't know if it will work

  • Parames Sabah 6 months ago

    Good video. Very informative. Thanks.

  • Samiha Khatoon 6 months ago

    Hi Bhavna, I had sown seeds a few weeks ago. most of them have sprouted well and more are still sprouting. They are about an inch tall now and some seem weak. Could you advise me on the following:
    1. how long it will take from this stage to full grown coriander
    2. how much watering n sunshine is required for it to remain stable
    3. what are the precautions to take so it doesn't die.

  • Asmita Naik 6 months ago

    I have put the coriander seeds 4-5 days back, now the soil is becoming dry; and seeds hvnt sprout. do I need to keep watering the pot daily in order to keep the soil moist and wet?

  • mamun islam 6 months ago

    (ভাবনা) Vhabna is it possible to grow in all the year?

  • Sowmya Navaneeth 6 months ago

    Hi Bhavna, Please post the video on how to grow chilly plant and how long it will take to grow with the seed which we have it at home. If possible other vegetables too. Your videos on gardening n cooking are really helpful.

  • Nitika sharma 6 months ago

    wt is the best season to grow in India?

  • Merina Maskey 6 months ago

    hi Bhavna can where do I put the pot after planting? its winter here in sydney. can I put them in the sun?

  • SKtheGEEK 6 months ago

    how many times i can harvest from single plantation ?

  • GSKShine 6 months ago

    how often do u water and what kind of soil do u use?

  • Mitasha Gupta 6 months ago

    Hi, I followed exactly the same process to grow coriander but nothing happens. After 15 days when i saw my seeds they were exactly the same i sprinkle it before 15 days. What shall i do? Is there other method too by which i can grow coriander?

  • Kadambari Asthana 6 months ago

    hi how much time does coriander leaves take to sprout. i use small pot…

  • jas jivani 6 months ago

    how do i grow money plant.i have two leaves.i have put them in water

  • radhe shyam 6 months ago

    May all beings be happy☺

  • nadishaf86 6 months ago

    hey bhavna….nice video!!

    could you please show us how to grow green chilli as well?!
    thanks 🙂

  • avinash singh 6 months ago

    nowadays what we can sow in pots

  • Bushra Ali 6 months ago

    i mean to sprout from the soil.

  • Bushra Ali 6 months ago

    how long does cilantro take to grow?

  • red roast 6 months ago

    wish you best of luck for your channel