Here is the easiest and most gardener friendly herb you can grow! It’s great in containers too. It loves the spring so let’s get planting. 🙂 I’ll share with you everything you want to know about growing this wonderful herb and how I have been growing it for many years. We will look at how you can plant it from seed OR transplant, how to care for it, some of the problems you may experience, how to harvest, and ways you can preserve it or use it fresh in your kitchen.

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My instructional growing videos are very thorough, it’s like getting 5 videos in 1! Best of all, you do not have to search for other videos to get the other steps. You will know what to expect while growing it. I hope you find the video helpful and, most of all, enjoy watching and learn something along the way! Check out my other in-depth growing videos here, for watercress, spinach, leaf lettuce, parsley, lemongrass, cilantro, peas, and many more:

Less Toxic Insecticides:

Nutrient Density Study: Here is the study of 47 fruits and vegetables:

Nutritional Value of Chive Flowers:

Chive Recipes:

Dept. of Agriculture, Republic of South Africa:

My son’s Square Foot Garden, How to Make a Square Foot Garden, playlist:

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How to Grow Chives & Garlic Chives! 101 Seed to Kitchen, Planting, Problems, Harvest, & Using!

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  • Tom Haflinger

    I have a beginner question that I haven't definitively found the answer to. Do I only need to plant one seed, for it to grow into a a "bunch" with several leaves popping up? Or should I plant a cluster? I've got these little hydroponic sponge pots that I've been germinating some seeds in for the past ten days. I've got five seeds in a sponge that's just an inch wide. One of the seeds is developing faster than the others, and soon I'll need to figure out whether to let all five grow together, or to remove all but one seed.

  • Dagmar l

    It's 245 AM here and I am getting hungry for smooth, homemade cottage cheese ( Quark ) with a pinch of salt and lots of chives on rye bred or an a baked potato.

  • Chica Moto

    I love your channel so much! So much helpful information and I aspire to do some better gardening. I would love it if you design a cookbook. I know it will be fabulous. Seeds to tummy, what could be better?

  • Andrew Hanning

    Thank you so much for your Chives video! I am looking for the list you have in you video as I find it to be amazing, everything I am finding for nutrient density is all generally concept. Yours include plant that in my opinion is very non general and very valuable personally as this contains chicory, and dandelion, wild plants that have amazing nutritional benefits. So I am excited to see what else made it on the list! Can you please share the location of this list to me?

  • R. Rahnoma

    I have grown garlic chives in container. It's been a year now and the leaves started dying, now I have a few them. I really couldnt figure out the reason.

  • Carol Fisch

    Is it safe to clean out all the old straw like leaves from the plant? That doesn’t interfere with new growth?

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